The Father I Will Be

Parenting is a sacred task.

dad and baby

It’s a permanent commitment, and the most important job a person could ever undertake; more important than building a house or governing a country. It’s more than full time, it’s 24/7. And like any other job, some don’t qualify for it. Continue reading


True Family

Lately, I’ve been writing a semi-autobiography about the past 10 years with my best friend Mitch. Writing this book has got me thinking a lot about what true family is. Mitch, and even the rest of his family, truly feel like my own family. He and the rest of them have been my greatest support throughout my teenage-adult years. Hell, his father even took the time to teach me how to drive, whereas my adoptive parents didn’t want to. I’m not related to Mitch by blood, but I would still say that he is undoubtedly the closest thing I have to a true brother. Continue reading

The Truth About Laughter

You can find many truths in laughter. You can learn things about yourself and your surroundings just based on what you and others laugh about. Laughter is involuntary, and it’s triggered when something we hear and/or see contradicts something we subconsciously know to be true. Usually it involves something we know to be ridiculous. Continue reading

Why I’m Involved in Political Discussions

Recently I was reminded of something. There was this friend I had for many years, from my Freshman year in high school until I was 25. So, approximately ten years. This friend was someone I respected tremendously, and in my mind, he was easily one of the smartest people I’d ever met. Or, so it seemed. That all came to a swift end one day when he decided to post something political on his Facebook wall. Something that was astoundingly ignorant and stupid.

I’m sure a lot of people heard of the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke situation Continue reading

Dissent Is Healthy and Important

I am a liberal, and I am not shy about my disdain for conservatives. I even believe, and once wrote an article explaining, that conservatism is morally wrong. But despite this, being liberal is technically a side of the political spectrum, and I do believe that there needs to be an opposite side to balance the spectrum.

Lately, I’ve been seeing articles and videos talking about how corporations and media outlets are targeting right-wing commentators, pushing them to lose their means of income for “advocating hate-speech.” Continue reading