Review | Leave No Trace

This movie immediately became one of my all-time favorites, and I only just saw it. It is about a PTSD father and his perfectly-normal daughter living off the land in forests, starting in my home of Portland, Oregon, and then they travel far away so as to not be disturbed by society. I'd say the... Continue Reading →


Don’t Abandon the Left

It is increasingly concerning to me how many people are joining the “I used to be left-wing” group. Of course, 99% of the time, the reasoning is that the left has been hijacked by its worst members. I understand the frustration – trust me, I fully feel this frustration – but abandoning your principles for... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge – Relics – 175,000 Words to Finish

I am currently working on the third novel of  my Remnant series. While I have already written a few chapters, I've decided to try a fun challenge. It is currently 175 days until December 31st. I think 1,000 words per day is relatively easy, yet not too easy. So, it is my goal to write... Continue Reading →

Overrated Works | Boyhood

I take no pleasure in writing this. I deeply wanted to love this movie. I want to love all movies with a good message or at least a good heart. The level of commitment alone that it took to film this movie was astounding. Everyone involved needed to take some time out of their school... Continue Reading →

Where Success TRULY Comes From

I recently received a comment from someone in my audience. I haven't responded to it as of this moment, mainly because I've been thinking about one particular thing they said: "The majority of people stay in the economic class they are born in, and when I see rich people I see people who were lucky... Continue Reading →

Only Stupid People Will See Episode IX

When The Force Awakens came out, both fans and critics tried their hardest to justify the fact it’s a ripoff of the first Star Wars movie. In fact, people are still doing that. I’ll admit I was one of these people. The movie wasn’t awful, even if it was completely unoriginal and had huge gaps... Continue Reading →

My Political Compass and Beliefs

Does it matter? Do political views really matter? Of course it matters. If mankind had thought of a better way to do politics than, well, doing politics, then we’d have started doing something else by now. It’s unfortunate that politics involves so much arguing and dealing with stubborn people, but that’s the cost of ensuring... Continue Reading →

Liberalism and Capitalism Are The Same

Only five years ago, I would have assumed that there are things both the left and the right could agree on. One of those things was the superiority of capitalism. But, I guess not, because I’ve been seeing a surge in people calling for socialism and communism. Well, it looks like I have to explain... Continue Reading →

Politics | The Difference Between Liberals and Progressives

With the US midterms around the corner, I can't help but worry about which side - the left or the right - will come out on top. I've never liked the right, and for several years now, I've been annoyed with how detached from reality the left has become. I've been saying this for a... Continue Reading →

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