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Featuring a Supporters Section (above) for those who contribute to my writing and film-making. Images, unreleased material, behind-the-scenes, access to hidden YouTube videos, and more. To access, become a supporter of my work through Patreon here (, donating $5 per month or more.

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Assistance with writing, images, and videos. Unfortunately, this is not free, but is still affordable. Visit the Art Services page here for more information.

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I write articles about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Topics range from art, of course, to philosophy, to even politics. You’re welcome to join in discussion, or just read each post.

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I offer free promotion for illustrators and photographers through the Thinking Michael Instagram, Facebook, and/or at the end of my articles here. Additionally, if you’re a writer and want exposure for your work, I will publish it (or previews of it) here. All you need to do is send a sampling of your work to, and if I love it, you will see your work promoted for free on Thinking Michael sites.

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You can read the first half of all of my books here:

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