Writing Services

Price: $0.015 per word.

This is a lot more affordable than other services you will find across the internet. Plus, it comes with all writing services included. It is the same price for any of the following writing services, or both of them together:

  • Writing the work
  • Editing the work
  • You can order a cover art for the work, but that will be an additional cost. Get a quote for price by sending your vision for the cover art to admin@thinkingmichael.com

Every writing service comes with the free option of publication, where the writing will be featured on Amazon.com.

This price translates to:

500 words = $7.50
1,000 words = $15
10,000 words = $150
50,000 words = $750

Any number of words up to 50,000 is considered ‘Low Tier.’ For the next tier, High Tier, the price is $0.02 per word. Tier 2 is anywhere from 50,001 words and above. This translates to:

60,000 = $1,200
100,000 = $2,000
150,000 = $3,000
200,000 = $4,000

200,000 words is the length of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It should be long enough for any work.

Payments are made through PayPal only. Sending checks or cash through the mail has the potential to get lost in transaction.