Theia Elani Krohn is the primary protagonist of the Remnant series. She first appears in the titular first novel, Remnant, known only by her first and middle names, as an 11-year-old girl of unknown importance who narrowly escapes the massacre of a mob syndicate. Throughout the novel, she is noted for her intelligence, optimism, moral center, and fighting ability, and it is not revealed until the conclusion of the novel that she is the daughter of the most feared and ruthless character, Ethan Krohn.


Quick Facts

Appears in:

July 10, 2001 in Portland, Oregon.

Caucasian, blonde hair.

Ethan Krohn (father)
Kayla Reynolds (mother)


Concept and Creation

Theia is based on my lifelong desire to be a father of an intelligent, strong, virtuous girl. My wanting to have a daughter stemmed from wanting to be a big brother to my real-life twin younger sisters, whom I have never been able to know. For this reason, Theia was originally meant to have a sister, but it did not fit the narrative of the first novel, nor any of its future sequels.

Theia’s first name means ‘goddess,’ while her middle name means ‘light,’ for the combined meaning of ‘Goddess of Light.’




The novel opens with Theia, having narrowly survived a massacre. She had previously been kidnapped for unknown reasons by the Matriarch mob boss Tabitha Verbeck, and the massacre was perpetrated against her. (The reader learns in the following novel, Resurrection, that Theia was never in danger, and the massacre was in part an effort by her aunt Lilith to rescue her.)

Theia then ventures into downtown Portland, where she sees the city has been devastated by civil war. She is eventually captured by a minor crime boss named Marcus Solomon. Marcus’ lieutenant reported how effective Theia was at resisting capture, and this prompts Marcus to give her special treatment, hoping she will become his loyal soldier.

Theia is forced into dangerous situations, and forced to be play crucial parts in Marcus’ campaigns against the occupying US military. Her spirit fractures, and she even contemplates murdering Marcus. Eventually, she is rescued by Ethan, her father, who is nearly killed in saving her. After Ethan’s wounds are treated, he carries Theia into an empty field, where he regrets to tell her that her mother is dead, and that he is putting her in the care of a woman he came to know on his journey to find her, Mercedes “Mercy” Espinoza.



A few short months after Remnant, Theia is in a state of denial about the events of the previous novel affected her. She tries to be carefree, and even convinces herself that she’s healed, but after witnessing a man commit suicide, her mental state starts to decline again.

Mercy works for Fallon, the wife of the Colonel who rescued Theia in Remnant, and Theia chooses to go with Mercy south to Woodburn, where the military has recently apprehended a Reformist leader. There, she is reunited with Sophie, a girl whom she didn’t even know the name of during Remnant, and the two become friends. Sophie, however, is unpredictable, accepting Theia as a friend, then rejecting her, then accepting her again, all for seemingly no reason. Sophie eventually explains that she struggles trusting people because her father sexually abused her. Later, bandits attack the farm on which Theia and Mercy are staying, and Mercy is injured. The two return home to Portland. Theia fears never seeing Sophie again.

Back in Portland, Fallon continues trying to repair the community by starting school back up for kids. Theia attends, but on her first day, she attacks bullies. She finds herself in a makeshift institute for treating deranged minors. She meets Jeremy, the older brother of Sophie, who eventually tells Theia that Sophie’s story was false. According to him, the real story is that he was abused, and not by their father but a father-like figure who cared for them after the Collapse. Theia cannot understand why Sophie would lie, especially after having cried while telling the story.

Mercy has Theia released from the institute, but as soon as they arrive home, Theia sees her father there. She runs off, having a mental breakdown. Mercy has Ethan leave until the time is right.

Theia is present when the Corwin couple announce their intention to move everybody to the coast. Lilith, Theia’s own aunt, has seized control of the criminal underworld and is now opposing the military, as are many other, unorganized factions unaffiliated with Lilith. Before the community is able to prepare for migration, Lilith leads all her forces – those loyal and those assimilated – to attack the community with the intention of destroying the entire Corwin command and Ethan himself. Ethan gets Theia and Mercy to safety, driving them toward the coast and stopping along the way. But, Lilith finds them there and attempts to kill Theia first. Mercy shields Theia and is consequently murdered by Lilith. Ethan fights his sister hand-to-hand to the death and is defeated, but Theia saves him by shooting her aunt in the leg with her own shotgun.

Theia and her father find a car and drive the remaining distance toward the coast, burying Mercy’s body in a random location along the way. There, the two have some much-needed reconciliation. After their vehicle’s fuel depletes, they walk the remaining distance to Cannon Beach and settle in with the town. Theia wanders to the beach, stares at the sunset horizon, then walks to her father and embraces him. The two are prepared to start a new life, together.



Theia will be the sole point-of-view character, unlike the previous two novels where perspectives change each chapter.