Underrated Works | Batman: Arkham Origins

There’s a reason I’ve never criticized video games (that I can recall). They are the sole branch of the entertainment industry that puts tremendous care into their products. Video games now make more money than Hollywood, and I’m glad. Most video games today are cinematic themselves and usually more visually appealing than movies. Granted, good … Continue reading Underrated Works | Batman: Arkham Origins


Why the 90’s Was the Best Time to be a Child

Never mind that the 80's was an abomination on mankind. What makes the 90's so great is not only the fact that it marked the end of the 80's, but so much more... First and foremost, technology hadn't taken everything over. At the same time, we still had some technology (primitive by today's standards) to … Continue reading Why the 90’s Was the Best Time to be a Child

Why Halo 2 Is My Favorite Game

I often say that movies are an amalgam of every type of art form. I would also say this applies to video games. One could say that movies and video games are twins (not in age, obviously, but in similarity). As often as I criticize Hollywood for producing nothing but unoriginal, predictable, factory-processed garbage, but … Continue reading Why Halo 2 Is My Favorite Game