Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys

See that face? Tyrion is up to something. All throughout the series, both in the show and books, Tyrion's greatest struggle is wanting his family to accept him. All of his major life events revolve around this fact. He nearly had a wife, but his father disapproved and then fabricated a reason to have his … Continue reading Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys


Is Cersei Evil, or Misunderstood?

Apologies for taking a month to post anything. Life has gotten busier with a kid on the way and everything. But if you want content more often, support this blog through Patreon here. I feel I must objectively examine the character of Cersei Lannister, because ever since I first got into the A Song of … Continue reading Is Cersei Evil, or Misunderstood?

Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

This episode is not called The Dragon and the Wolf. This episode is to be called, It's About Damn Time! It's not a finale episode, it's a FINALLY! episode. First thing's first. I was half wrong about my Cersei prediction. I was wrong about the timing and maybe the method, but the rest could still very well be true. Cersei is still … Continue reading Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Cersei Will Die In Season 7 Finale

Jaime will kill Cersei. And it will happen when Cersei does something monstrous that Jaime has to stop, by killing her. But it will be too late. Almost every single scene this season with either Jaime or Cersei has foreshadowed this like crazy. How, you may ask? I'll explain: In the first episode of the … Continue reading Cersei Will Die In Season 7 Finale