The Greatest People I’ve Known

When the world, and even loved ones let you down, it's always good to remember who never has. I hope everyone has people in their life which that applies to. Here are the people I've known who have had the greatest positive impact on my life.   1. Lana and Larry The parents I chose. … Continue reading The Greatest People I’ve Known


Who I Am

If you want to be a good person, and if that’s what you strive for every single day, I do believe that the most necessary ingredient to achieve this … is doubt. Question yourself. Question what you believe, question what you do. Question everything. Question whether or not you are a good person. You’ll never … Continue reading Who I Am

Reaching My Full Potential

I’ve had an immense epiphany recently. It really involves something that I’ve had strong feelings about my entire life, and now finally, I realize I was probably wrong about these feelings all along. It concerns wealth. Truth is, I’ve never cared about money. All my life, money has been nothing but numbers to me. Once … Continue reading Reaching My Full Potential

Alex Jones Should Be Banned, Count Dankula Should Go to Jail

Double feature today. Alex Jones and Count Dankula. Everybody knows who Alex Jones is, so I won't explain that. On the other hand, Count Dankula (real name Markus Meechan) is an ordinary guy from Scotland who got arrested for posting a video on YouTube of his dog making Nazi salutes and responding to phrases like, … Continue reading Alex Jones Should Be Banned, Count Dankula Should Go to Jail

The Church of Vegan

  I think to some degree, virtually all people (let’s just say 99% of mankind) have a love for animals, and for all living things in general. There’s a smaller percentage that care enough about animals to be activists for their rights and safety. And then there’s an even smaller percentage of the population that … Continue reading The Church of Vegan

I Should Be Someone’s Agent | Weird Thoughts

I had a strange epiphany the other day. It was a prime example of how my brain often comes up with weird things out of nowhere that somehow make sense. It has to do with job. I realized that a job I would be highly suited for is: being someone's agent and/or manager. Namely a … Continue reading I Should Be Someone’s Agent | Weird Thoughts