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Dissent Is Healthy and Important

I am a liberal, and I am not shy about my disdain for conservatives. I even believe, and once wrote an article explaining, that conservatism is morally wrong. But despite this, being liberal is technically a side of the political spectrum, and I do believe that there needs to be an opposite side to balance the spectrum.

Lately, I’ve been seeing articles and videos talking about how corporations and media outlets are targeting right-wing commentators, pushing them to lose their means of income for “advocating hate-speech.” Continue reading


My Beef With Vegans (Pun Intended)

Feel free to share this article with any loudmouth vegans you know.

I’ve only had the displeasure of personally knowing one vegan in my life, but that was all I needed to see proof that what everyone says about them is totally right. These people are borderline lunatics Continue reading