Making My Books Free

It is my desire and my intention to make my books free. I don't write books for any reason other than the fact I enjoy it. Not for money, and certainly not for fame. I have over 20 books in mind that are yet to be written, and I'd love it if all of them, … Continue reading Making My Books Free


Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads

It's strange to hear your critics say that your novel has a great story and is written well, and yet, you hardly make any sales of your novel. When I first published Remnant, I didn't believe it would be everyone's cup of tea, but I was still confident enough that I wrote a good book that … Continue reading Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads

Who I Base My Characters On

Spoilers for my books ahead, of course. When I wrote my debut novel, Remnant, I wrote the main characters to all be based on people I knew. The interesting thing is, I originally conceived the story as a teenager and the main characters in Remnant are based on people in my life when I was 16. That's how it … Continue reading Who I Base My Characters On

My Novels, Here On

Every Saturday, starting tonight at 7:00 Pacific Time, I will be posting a chapter from my novels, starting with my debut, Remnant. It will be totally free, although I will continue to ask that my audience help support my work through Patreon here. It's nice to be able to give away free things, but even free things … Continue reading My Novels, Here On

A Father and Daughter Love Story

The first two novels of my Remnant series are about a father and his daughter. One of the ways I pitched the story to myself, years ago before I started writing it, was me asking myself, "Why do all love stories have to be the same? Why do all love stories have to be about … Continue reading A Father and Daughter Love Story