The Prequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

I was going to make a post about how the Star Wars Sequel trilogy (7-9) cannot be canon, but I also realized that the prequels can't be canon for a number of reasons as well. So, here's why the prequels cannot be canon. I'll post the one about the sequels soon.   1. Leia Remembers … Continue reading The Prequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

Only Stupid People Will See Episode IX

When The Force Awakens came out, both fans and critics tried their hardest to justify the fact it’s a ripoff of the first Star Wars movie. In fact, people are still doing that. I’ll admit I was one of these people. The movie wasn’t awful, even if it was completely unoriginal and had huge gaps … Continue reading Only Stupid People Will See Episode IX

The Joker’s Backstory (My Theory)

Joker is easily my favorite fictional character, of any franchise, of all time. Since DC has never 'officially' released any backstory for the Joker, I've come up with my own theory. DC seems to allow others to create their own origin story (such as The Killing Joke, and Tim Burton's 1989 movie Batman), but since no official … Continue reading The Joker’s Backstory (My Theory)

My Thoughts on Batman

There couldn’t be a greater superhero franchise than Batman. It’s not just because he’s cool. It goes much, much deeper than that. I’ll list some reasons, saving the best for last. The most human superhero with the most human supervillains. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, and same goes with most of his villains. The characters … Continue reading My Thoughts on Batman