As the late Christopher Hitchens, my greatest idol, once said, "It's not in my nature to let off a captive audience so easily." A joke, and a truth. Well, I have that in common with him. In my previous post The Crime of Fatherlessness, I made mention of the damage it does to children to have … Continue reading Stepparents


The Importance of Mothers

Forewarning: I want to clarify that no two people are the same. I make a lot of generalizations here. Understand that they are generalizations, not blanket statements that are meant to apply to every single man or woman on Earth. Whenever I hear about someone who, like myself, didn’t get to have a true mother … Continue reading The Importance of Mothers

The Importance of Fathers

I didn't meet my father for the first time until I was 18 years old. To be completely frank, there was never a lot of longing inside me to meet or know him. I was a momma's boy, I'll admit. But, that doesn't mean I didn't need a father. I most certainly did. One could … Continue reading The Importance of Fathers