Making My Books Free

It is my desire and my intention to make my books free. I don't write books for any reason other than the fact I enjoy it. Not for money, and certainly not for fame. I have over 20 books in mind that are yet to be written, and I'd love it if all of them, … Continue reading Making My Books Free


Outsourcing One of My Novels

Ever since I first conceived of the Remnant series, I always had a particular volume in mind that I would never write myself. It was a hypothetical novel, which I had actually fully outlined. This novel would explain exactly what caused the collapse of America. Its characters would be (fictional) members of the US government … Continue reading Outsourcing One of My Novels

“Relics” Trailer

I'm currently on hiatus, but I couldn't resist doing this... Ever notice books don’t get trailers like movies? Well, some do, but it’s hardly common. So, I got the idea of giving my upcoming novel, Relics, the third volume in my Remnant Saga, a trailer. A written trailer. This is more for fun than for advertising purposes, … Continue reading “Relics” Trailer

My First Podcast

I had a half-hour podcast discussion with a friend about my debut novel Remnant. I thought it would be neat to do, even though he read it a year ago, since I'm now trying to get my YouTube channel growing. There might be another one coming, if I can get the audio working properly. Spoiler warning. … Continue reading My First Podcast

What I Think of My First Novel

Announcement at the end of the article. This year (in July) will mark the 3-year anniversary of the release of my debut novel Remnant. Now that some time has passed, and I've released a few books since then, what are my thoughts about it? Most creators look back at their first works with the less-than-enthusiastic attitude of, … Continue reading What I Think of My First Novel

Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads

It's strange to hear your critics say that your novel has a great story and is written well, and yet, you hardly make any sales of your novel. When I first published Remnant, I didn't believe it would be everyone's cup of tea, but I was still confident enough that I wrote a good book that … Continue reading Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads