What is the point of having principles if they are not one’s top priority? We as individuals, and as groups, need codes of conduct. We literally cannot function without them. If everybody runs around hoarding belongings, stealing others’ belongings, killing each other, having sex with whoever we want whenever we want, etc., you cannot have … Continue reading Principles


Who I Am

If you want to be a good person, and if that’s what you strive for every single day, I do believe that the most necessary ingredient to achieve this … is doubt. Question yourself. Question what you believe, question what you do. Question everything. Question whether or not you are a good person. You’ll never … Continue reading Who I Am

Good People vs. Great People

Recently, I heard a phrase for the first time that encompassed something I’ve never thought about before. The phrase is: It is harder to be good than to be great. The phrase means that it is easier to achieve widespread recognition for tremendous accomplishments than it is to simply be a good person. Doing good … Continue reading Good People vs. Great People

Morality Does Not Come From Religion

There are two main arguments I have against the belief that morality comes from religion. My first argument is, well, the fact that nobody can explain how that’s even possible in the first place. There is nothing moral about being commanded. Ordering someone to behave a certain way has nothing to do with morality; it’s … Continue reading Morality Does Not Come From Religion

Philosophy – The Dark Side IS Stronger (Yoda Was Wrong)

Star Wars has a kind of magic that few other movies, if any, can replicate. They are simple movies, with simple premises, simple rules, and simple outcomes. Usually, those things are grounds for a movie to be terrible, by default, yet Star Wars makes it work. The franchise is 14 years older than I am, … Continue reading Philosophy – The Dark Side IS Stronger (Yoda Was Wrong)