Delphini, the Canonical Fan-Fic

Being an avid fan of the Harry Potter franchise, I should have known about the character of Delphini, but I only recently learned of her. I am fervently against the mere existence of this character, and for one simple reason. For those who may not know still, Delphini is the daughter of Voldemort. Yes, you … Continue reading Delphini, the Canonical Fan-Fic


Why Star Wars Will Never Be Great Again

Star Wars fans keep complaining about what Disney is doing to their beloved franchise, and rightfully so. I am among those people. But, there's something huge that the fans keep overlooking... There's nothing left to do with the franchise. And, if you think about it, there's been nothing left to do since the end of … Continue reading Why Star Wars Will Never Be Great Again

Fans Are Important

Have you noticed that popular creators like George R.R. Martin, Alan Moore, and others, generally hate the idea of people having their own interpretation of their works? Martin has outright called fan fiction plagiarism, and Alan Moore condemns every one of his works from being turned into movies (which is why you never see his … Continue reading Fans Are Important