Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys

See that face? Tyrion is up to something. All throughout the series, both in the show and books, Tyrion's greatest struggle is wanting his family to accept him. All of his major life events revolve around this fact. He nearly had a wife, but his father disapproved and then fabricated a reason to have his … Continue reading Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys


Rewarding Readers

The concept of rewarding readers is, as I understand it, giving your readers new things to enjoy upon second or third reads. It's giving them things to notice or understand better that they wouldn't have gotten the first time around. With every one of my novels, I have tried, and will always try, to do … Continue reading Rewarding Readers

Fans Are Important

Have you noticed that popular creators like George R.R. Martin, Alan Moore, and others, generally hate the idea of people having their own interpretation of their works? Martin has outright called fan fiction plagiarism, and Alan Moore condemns every one of his works from being turned into movies (which is why you never see his … Continue reading Fans Are Important

We Are All Characters In The Story of Life

When you're in a crowd of people, how often do you stop to look at a random person, who isn't doing anything particularly interesting, and think, I wonder what that person's story is? We all have a story. Our lives are their own story, with a beginning, middle, and end. A plot, filled with subplots and … Continue reading We Are All Characters In The Story of Life

How I Choose Character Names In My Books

This article reveals something I've never told anyone that many will probably find funny. It's been statistically demonstrated that a person's name has a lot of influence on what they do with their life, from the way it sounds, to what the public generally associates with that name, to what the name itself is. I … Continue reading How I Choose Character Names In My Books

Is Cersei Evil, or Misunderstood?

Apologies for taking a month to post anything. Life has gotten busier with a kid on the way and everything. But if you want content more often, support this blog through Patreon here. I feel I must objectively examine the character of Cersei Lannister, because ever since I first got into the A Song of … Continue reading Is Cersei Evil, or Misunderstood?