Character Analysis – Theia

Since my Remnant series is far from finished, I am limited in what I can reveal about Theia and the novels. Perhaps when the series is finished I will write a complete character analysis of Theia, but that won’t be for years to come (and I probably won’t be blogging by then). This analysis will … Continue reading Character Analysis – Theia


Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 2

Click here for Chapter 1 – Theia For three long months they were confined, isolated, and afraid. It was only the two of them: Mercy, and her niece Haley. Mercy was 24, Haley was half that. Fortunately, they remained sane, and in robust health. Lately their food supply was short and keeping weight started to become … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 2

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 1

Volumes I and II available on Amazon. Click here to order ebook or paperback. As the sun set beyond the city skyline, Theia realized she had been hiding too long. Gently, cautiously, she opened the cabinet door with her right hand, straightening her glasses with her left. Faint afternoon sunlight pierced into the darkness that … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 1