Scenes I Love | Gifted

I'm starting 2 new segments here called "Scenes I Love," and, "Lyrics I Love." Expect to see them regularly, but on no particular schedule. To begin "Scenes I Love," I'll be quoting one of my favorite scenes of all time, from a new movie called Gifted. "Is there a god?" "I don't know." "Just tell me." … Continue reading Scenes I Love | Gifted

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Mercy reached for Haley's hand. She gripped it firmly as she stepped up the stairs. She checked once, then twice to be sure Haley's eyes were tightly shut. Every time they had come upstairs, even during the cover of dark, Mercy saw the bodies, though in actuality she had already removed them. They were all … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 3

What have I done? Adam could not look away from the body. Its warm blood continued to drain from the neck. Adam dropped the glass shard from his hands, having cut himself in the moment. The blood spread toward his feet, but he could not even step away. A masked man had broken in somehow … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 3

A Father and Daughter Love Story

The first two novels of my Remnant series are about a father and his daughter. One of the ways I pitched the story to myself, years ago before I started writing it, was me asking myself, "Why do all love stories have to be the same? Why do all love stories have to be about … Continue reading A Father and Daughter Love Story