All I Want

The older I get, the more I see what I’m about to describe. There will never be a day when I no longer see this: Human beings have this tendency to look at someone and designate them as either friend or foe. It’s easy for people to turn on a dime about the ‘friend’ designation, … Continue reading All I Want


Everything (In This Movie) Is Awesome

I haven't heard anyone call The Lego Movie an instant classic, but I think it damn well should be. It is the greatest family film since the original Star Wars, and in some ways is the greatest family film of all time. The Lego Movie happens within a child's imagination. A child playing with Legos, who … Continue reading Everything (In This Movie) Is Awesome

When Family Fails You – Introduction

Soon, I will be writing what will probably be my longest post ever. It will be called When Family Fails You, and it will concern something immense that's going on in my life right now. It will be about something that I've wanted to voice for a long time now that I haven't said a word … Continue reading When Family Fails You – Introduction

Enemies Make the Greatest Teachers

With this post, I am not implying that we ought to learn everything from our enemies. More often than not, being influenced by our enemies, to any degree, makes us more like them. Only the strong and morally-centered can learn from their enemies and not become like them. That being said, enemies truly are the … Continue reading Enemies Make the Greatest Teachers

Bosses vs Leaders

Soon, I'll be starting an ongoing segment. You'll be able to find it on the top menu bar of this blog. It will be called From Nothing. From Nothing will be a written documentary about me starting my own business from scratch. I wasn't lucky like Jeff Bezos, founder of and the richest man in the … Continue reading Bosses vs Leaders