Overrated Works | Batman: The Killing Joke

This may be strange coming from someone who loves the Joker (and the Batman franchise as a whole) so much. It would only make sense that I love a Joker story as much as everybody else loves it... I enjoy The Killing Joke, but I certainly don't think it's great. Even it's own creator, Alan Moore, … Continue reading Overrated Works | Batman: The Killing Joke


Not Opposites – Batman and the Joker

It seems obvious that a hero needs his greatest enemy to be his opposite equal. Someone who can match the hero in every way, but their goals, methods, and even personalities are as close to opposite as possible. But, this is not the case with Batman and the Joker. Yes, it has been said that … Continue reading Not Opposites – Batman and the Joker

Wonder Woman: The Greatest Bad Movie

Apologies for not releasing an article yesterday. Been busy with life. To help me be able to spend more time doing this, you can support my work here. I like Ripley (Aliens), I like Samus Aran (Metroid), I like Cortana (Halo), and we all know that I like Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), but honestly, I've … Continue reading Wonder Woman: The Greatest Bad Movie

Joker Origin Movie (My Thoughts)

Hollywood gets 1, only 1, good idea every year. They already used up their 1 good idea this year with the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. Just when you think they've run out of ideas, you realize you're right, but they still have plenty of stupid ideas. Now they have an idea as ridiculous … Continue reading Joker Origin Movie (My Thoughts)

The Joker’s Backstory (My Theory)

Joker is easily my favorite fictional character, of any franchise, of all time. Since DC has never 'officially' released any backstory for the Joker, I've come up with my own theory. DC seems to allow others to create their own origin story (such as The Killing Joke, and Tim Burton's 1989 movie Batman), but since no official … Continue reading The Joker’s Backstory (My Theory)