SJW Propaganda: A Star Wars Story

If Disney cared just a little more about proper storytelling, Star Wars could have had a legitimate, interesting, and acceptable cinematic universe. Instead, we got a poor remake of a trilogy we’ve already seen, some movie about Han Solo, and we are going to get some movie about Boba Fett, some movie about Jabba the … Continue reading SJW Propaganda: A Star Wars Story


Why the MCU Works and Other Universes Do Not

I'm not going to defend Marvel. Instead, I'm going to say this to hopefully (long-shot here) stop other studios from endlessly trying to make their own cinematic universes. Here is why they will always fail. In essence, it comes down to cinematic diversity. Not every movie in the MCU takes place on Earth, not every … Continue reading Why the MCU Works and Other Universes Do Not

Fictional Universes

What do I think of cinematic universes? I think they're ruining movies. Don't just take my word for it, the statistics show that Hollywood is actually slowly dying. And it's probably because originality has already died in Hollywood. Every studio now thinks their even somewhat-popular franchises need to have spin-offs, and that they need to … Continue reading Fictional Universes