My Upcoming Autobiography

My best friend, who I consider to be more of a brother than either of the blood-related brothers I grew up with, is a devout Christian. However, I am an atheist who believes the world would finally know peace if all religions disappeared, including Christianity. How can two people with such opposite ideological differences keep … Continue reading My Upcoming Autobiography


Fiction vs. Fact

What is better: A true story, or a fictional story? I think the logical answer is that it depends on the story itself.  Why do we tell stories? Perhaps it's because we are social, intelligent animals. We like knowing there's hope when there seems to be none; we like knowing we are not alone; we like … Continue reading Fiction vs. Fact

What It Means to Be A God(dess)

This article will be slightly more in my old style of blogging, when I had discussed personal thoughts rather than strictly art. I will be revealing something about my upcoming book in this article... I won't attempt to make it a secret what 'goddess' means in the title of my new book Raising A Goddess. The … Continue reading What It Means to Be A God(dess)

Excerpt: The Atheist Pocket Book

"Misconceptions regarding atheism extend to every single aspect of it, from the reason behind it to the very definition of it. So, I feel it’s necessary to start things off by defining the word. ‘Atheist’ is merely a combination of the prefix a, which means without, and theist, which means believing in one or many … Continue reading Excerpt: The Atheist Pocket Book