Bosses vs Leaders

Soon, I'll be starting an ongoing segment. You'll be able to find it on the top menu bar of this blog. It will be called From Nothing. From Nothing will be a written documentary about me starting my own business from scratch. I wasn't lucky like Jeff Bezos, founder of and the richest man in the … Continue reading Bosses vs Leaders


Where Success TRULY Comes From

I recently received a comment from someone in my audience. I haven't responded to it as of this moment, mainly because I've been thinking about one particular thing they said: "The majority of people stay in the economic class they are born in, and when I see rich people I see people who were lucky … Continue reading Where Success TRULY Comes From

Stepping Into A New World

The cover image for this post is my current progress on creating an Earth-like planet in Photoshop. Why am I working on this? Because I'm currently trying to start a business that employs artists to simply do what they love: creating art. So far, it, well, hasn't gotten very far. The image above is for … Continue reading Stepping Into A New World