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I Review My Own Book

I had a fun idea yesterday: Sit down and review a book that I wrote, pretending as if I had nothing to do with its creation. So, here goes… Continue reading


‘Remnant’ Will Be Re-released July 19, 2017

In 3 months, on the 2-year anniversary of the release of Remnant, the novel will be released again with a live-action cover art of the main character, and some extra material. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Since Relics, the third volume in the series, will be much bigger than its predecessors, it’ll take longer to write than usual, so now is the best time to do this. Continue reading

Q&A: The Atheist Pocket Book


I really appreciate this book. As a fellow atheist who left Christianity, and having to think of such important questions on morality, truth, etc, mostly by myself it is so good to read your book and have my thoughts on these topics validated. It also shows how inherently simple these concepts are if one applies rational thinking into them.

However as I read your book, I feel there are some unexplained loopholes which you’ve either accidentally left out or you’ve not thought of or you thought of them as being trivial. In any case, I would greatly appreciate if you could clarify them for me.

I read the Kindle version of your book. I therefore don’t know which page numbers are the texts I’m referring to in the actual book. However you’ll be able to know as you’re the author. If you still insist, I can send you the highlighted texts to your email. Here we go:

1) How can you boldly claim that everyone is born with an inclination to be religious…? How can such a claim be tested?

2) If morality is subjective, then there might be someone for whom bashing puppies with a hammer (an example you used in your book) might be the right thing to do. Doesn’t that mean that it is only because of a universal objective law of morality (from Governments or a God) that we have a unified moral conduct that transcends the possible contradicting subjective moralities? So can we then say that the only valid morality is objective?

3) You state that a person’s moral code should be “whatever is necessary to keep as many people alive and happy as possible, for as long as possible”. I think this is a very naive explanation. Consider the famous trolley problem in ethics. According to your definition of what a moral conduct should be, one must kill a person (even if it is his own mother) in order to save more than one stranger. Now in ethics, this situation is considered as a dilemma with no right or wrong answer. However your definition gives this problem a clear right answer that many atheists might find objectionable.

4) What’s the evolutionary benefit of being gay? I think there is none (and one can say it’s harmful for the continued existence of human species because gays cannot create offspring if they insist on having sexual relationship only with men. I’m purposefully ignoring non-sexual procreation methods). If there is no evolutionary benefit, then won’t your definition of personal moral conduct allow one to rightfully harm gays? I must obviously mention that I’m not homophobic and you’ll appreciate that this is only to understand the deeper truths of morality.

5) You state that “truth is ever present, whether I know it or not… Truth is truth regardless of what I want to believe” So truth is objective. From there, isn’t it easy to construct a sound argument to show that morality is also objective? Am I confusing it? Is truth different from morality? Continue reading

Excerpt: Remnant

‘Above all powers, above all kings…’” sang Candace. James had even forgotten how beautiful her singing voice was. “’Above all nature, and-”

‘-all created things,’” they sang together. James tapped his foot in the slow beat of the song and his fingers played the strings accordingly on their own. “Let’s go outside?” suggested James, breaking the flow.

Candace shrugged. “Sure,” she replied.

They did just that. James was already dressed warmly, but Candace first went to put on an extra sweatshirt. The courtyard was virtually empty, apart from two or three of Isaac’s men who continued to carry bodies out of the premises. They sat on the cleanest bench out there, James surveying the building that surrounded them. In his heart he hoped the people of the shelter would listen to their songs and find some peace in them. He had not heard any music played there since they arrived.

I hope it doesn’t rain,” said Candace.

Indeed,” said James, smiling at her. His mind continued to gloat on seeing her so healthy. He strummed a few strings before getting back to the song, decidedly restarting the whole thing. “’Above all powers,’” they sang together… It was about three minutes of pure solace and peace. They forgot everything, including the freezing cold that made James’ fingers start to stiffen.

The men disposing of the corpses shot dirty looks at the couple after throwing out the last body. When they finished the song, Candace paused. “That’s an interesting line,” she said. James wondered which line she meant. “What can we understand as humans?”

You mean the line ‘above all wisdom and all the ways of man?’”

Candace affirmed.

Very little, I guess. We try to understand God and always fall short.” He continued to strum. With every chord played, he felt more at peace.

That song came out around the same time as September Eleventh and Columbine. You remember that? We were still in college.”

James nodded. “Columbine happened in Ninety-Nine, right? Yeah… I remember that time. I don’t think I heard that song until a while after Nine-Eleven.”

Candace looked up at the cloudy sky. “I was still pretty shaken up for a couple weeks after the attacks. I heard that song on the radio and it made me feel better… When will the world stop this…., this senseless cruelty? Why do we do horrible things to each other? My cousin went to school not very far from Columbine. My mom was in New York when Nine-Eleven happened. Just… It never ends, does it? Why does God allow all of this? Is it really just to test us?”

James pondered the question. “I don’t think it’s to test us. Maybe He allows it to wake us up. We always had it so well here, whereas in other parts of the world, little girls are sold as prostitutes, and there isn’t any clean drinking water… I think they’re wake-up calls.”

So, like the song goes? ‘Above all wisdom, and all the ways of man.’ We were never meant to understand it all?”

James could not ignore the vibe he got from talking to Candace. She could just be sad about the way the world is, he thought. She’s never let if affect her like this, though… “Faith is important. The apostle Paul talked about faith a lot. We just need to trust God.”

God let Job’s family die just to win a bet with Satan.”

Her words were shocking; almost harsh, as if directed at him. He had never known Candace to question her faith either, and she had virtually just admitted her doubts. “Candace…” he said lovingly, now putting his guitar aside. “Is there anything you want to talk about? Looks like there’s something on your mind.”

Purchase the full book, Remnant, here.

The Atheist Pocket Book

I thought I would publish this book in January, but it turned out to have not taken very long to make. So, here it is. For just one measly dollar, I have provided my fellow non-theists with a small book explaining the basics of why we don’t believe. It’s not super detailed, and of course when it comes to getting religious people to understand who we are and why we think the way we do, it usually requires tons and tons of explaining, but hopefully this will help us all out down the road.

Find it on Amazon here.

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A Father and Daughter Love Story

The first two novels of my Remnant series are about a father and his daughter. One of the ways I pitched the story to myself, years ago before I started writing it, was me asking myself, “Why do all love stories have to be the same? Why do all love stories have to be about romance?” There are more types of love than romantic. Love is the most powerful, and the most defining, feeling that humans feel. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The only kind of love story that I think is truly interesting, and truly worth anyone’s time when it comes to fiction, is not two people falling in love and living happily ever after, it’s the love a parent has for their baby. There are many father and son, mother and daughter stories out there, but I don’t often come across father and daughter stories. The only one I can really think of is the 2005 movie War of the Worlds, but that was more about survival than about the characters. I wanted to do something different. Remnant and Resurrection are about survival, but are more about the characters. Continue reading

Writing Is Just As Hard As Any Other Job

In my experience, it seems most people think that writing is too easy to qualify as ‘work.’ And that is unfortunate, because it seems the only way to prove how wrong these people are, is by having them become a writer themselves.

Writers, whether they are novelists or short story writers, or even just poets, have to abide by a whole list of basic rules. Everyone, including and especially non-writers, hold writers by these standards: Continue reading