“Relics” Now Available For Pre-Order

The third Remnant novel is now available for pre-order. The price is $1.95 if you pre-order, but if you wait until after release, the price will increase to $3.99. Now that they have a new home, Theia and her father start a new life. The rest of the American remnant must also start anew, building a country … Continue reading “Relics” Now Available For Pre-Order


The Future of the Series After “Relics”

Relics is nearly finished. This has brought me to think about the future of the series, since there will still be 4 books left, but Relics was my personal favorite. I won't quit writing the story - I love it too much to do that - but I've decided I will take a lengthy break. When I return … Continue reading The Future of the Series After “Relics”

“Relics” Progress (Oct 2018) and Series Info

Here is my progress on the third Remnant novel: I don't know what the word count is at, but I do know that I'm just about in the polishing phase. Technically, I could get this book done by December, but no guarantees. This story turned out to be every bit I was hoping for, even … Continue reading “Relics” Progress (Oct 2018) and Series Info

I Review My Favorite Review

The first review of my debut novel has always been my favorite. This is because the person actually put thought into the review, rather than reacting with emotion saying, "It was the best thing ever!" or "Awful! Just awful!" The opinions I respect and trust the most are the ones that are based on the … Continue reading I Review My Favorite Review

Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads

It's strange to hear your critics say that your novel has a great story and is written well, and yet, you hardly make any sales of your novel. When I first published Remnant, I didn't believe it would be everyone's cup of tea, but I was still confident enough that I wrote a good book that … Continue reading Why I Write Novels Nobody Reads

Who I Base My Characters On

Spoilers for my books ahead, of course. When I wrote my debut novel, Remnant, I wrote the main characters to all be based on people I knew. The interesting thing is, I originally conceived the story as a teenager and the main characters in Remnant are based on people in my life when I was 16. That's how it … Continue reading Who I Base My Characters On

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Mercy reached for Haley's hand. She gripped it firmly as she stepped up the stairs. She checked once, then twice to be sure Haley's eyes were tightly shut. Every time they had come upstairs, even during the cover of dark, Mercy saw the bodies, though in actuality she had already removed them. They were all … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4