“Relics” Progress (Oct 2018) and Series Info

Here is my progress on the third Remnant novel: I don't know what the word count is at, but I do know that I'm just about in the polishing phase. Technically, I could get this book done by December, but no guarantees. This story turned out to be every bit I was hoping for, even … Continue reading “Relics” Progress (Oct 2018) and Series Info


Calling All Self-Published Authors

I'm starting an ongoing campaign to discover and support self-published authors everywhere. I will buy copies of your book, read it, and review it. I have always intended for this site to be a site that supports artists of all kinds, and this is part of how I intend to do that. Fiction is what … Continue reading Calling All Self-Published Authors

Why All Authors Should Self-Publish

It is my belief that all writers, whether they're starting out, or they've already developed a name for themselves, should stick to self-publishing. I would make an exception to that under specific circumstances, but I'll get more into that later. I spent 7 years conceiving and planning my Remnant series, while taking only 1 year to write … Continue reading Why All Authors Should Self-Publish