Cover Art Contest

I thought I'd give my audience a little fun competition, if anybody is up to it. As I announced recently, I will be releasing the first two Remnant novels as one compiled volume with a preview of the third novel, and I'm giving any artists out there an opportunity to earn some extra money. I'm … Continue reading Cover Art Contest


Art: The Gateway to Heaven

This article will be slightly more personal than usual. I might include this in my upcoming book, but we'll see. The other night, I was walking with my best friend, who is a Christian. As everyone who’s read my writing for any length of time already knows, I’m an atheist and have been for nearly a decade. … Continue reading Art: The Gateway to Heaven

Is Entertainment Important?

Is being an entertainer or artist important for society? Whether you're an actor or a CG animator, does your job really contribute to the wellbeing of mankind? Sure, these jobs pay plenty, but do they actually help us all? Entertainment doesn't feed anyone, it doesn't build shelters, it doesn't filter water... Currently, I'm working on … Continue reading Is Entertainment Important?

My Plan For When This Blog Grows

I try to be as consumed in all things art as much as possible, from books, to illustrations, to films. Even if there's a type of art I can't create, I like to be surrounded by people who can. Art is expression of the soul, and is the most beautiful thing humans produce, besides other … Continue reading My Plan For When This Blog Grows

What Is The Greatest Art Form?

Had someone asked me this question just a few months ago, I would have said, "They are all equal." And maybe that is objectively true, but I've recently formed a different, subjective opinion on it now. Let's look at each major form individually. Writing: I think the human race owes its existence to writing. More than the … Continue reading What Is The Greatest Art Form?

My Summer Photography Project

My wife and I want to get into photography regularly, and share at least 1 new image of the world every single day. We want to start this by traveling Oregon and Washington for a week in summer 2018, taking hundreds of pictures of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We want to share the images with the … Continue reading My Summer Photography Project