When Family Fails You – Introduction

Soon, I will be writing what will probably be my longest post ever. It will be called When Family Fails You, and it will concern something immense that's going on in my life right now. It will be about something that I've wanted to voice for a long time now that I haven't said a word … Continue reading When Family Fails You – Introduction


Supporter Sundays

Every Sunday, I hope to have a segment for my audience, by my audience. Whether that is an article they have written, or (more likely) an article they have requested I write about. It will be dubbed Supporter Sunday. In a nutshell, it's promotion for my supporters, if there's anything they would like to have promoted. At … Continue reading Supporter Sundays

All My Planned Books (For the Next 10 Years)

Important announcement regarding my Remnant Saga. Before I get started with this article, I'd like to thank the newcomers to this blog. I've been trying to post something new every day, and I can see an increase of people regularly visiting my blog now, making sure I keep to that. I will continue to do … Continue reading All My Planned Books (For the Next 10 Years)

My Novels, Here On ThinkingMichael.com

Every Saturday, starting tonight at 7:00 Pacific Time, I will be posting a chapter from my novels, starting with my debut, Remnant. It will be totally free, although I will continue to ask that my audience help support my work through Patreon here. It's nice to be able to give away free things, but even free things … Continue reading My Novels, Here On ThinkingMichael.com