SWFT (Save Women From Themselves)

SWFT (pronounced “swift”) is a movement I am trying to start, meant to reverse the damage of feminism, without resorting to spite and hatred, like the MGTOW movement. Women themselves are invited, with enthusiasm, to be part of the movement.

Here is a full description of the purpose of SWFT.

Here are the entries of my blog series on SWFT:

#1 – The Spirit of Woman – How the essence of womanhood is about creating new life, and being a source of gentleness and unity for all people.

#2 – Shaped by Women – How men are shaped by the women they have been closest to.

#3 – Nothing Without Women – How men cannot be the best men they can be without having a real woman by their side.

#4 – Beauties and Their Beasts – Why women are attracted to strength, and should be.

#5 – We All Agree About Women – How everybody has the same view of women as I do, and why we all do.