The conclusion of “The Resurrection Arc,” which began in Remnant. Resurrection is about organized crime syndicates taking advantage of the ruined state of the country and seizing control of Portland from the US military. At the forefront of the coup is Ethan’s sister, Lilith. Amidst the chaos, Ethan struggles to find a way to keep the promise he made to Theia. The reader also takes a look into Ethan’s troubled childhood, learning how he changed from an innocent child to the man he became.


Writing for Resurrection began almost immediately following the publication of Remnant in 2015. For a brief period of time, the novel was not going to be written because of turmoil in its author’s personal life. Only half the novel had been completed when it was temporarily given up on. However, in circa July 2016, production resumed once again. Though the original November release was only a short while away, and there was still an entire half novel to complete, the challenge was ultimately tackled, at the small cost of finishing one month late.


This synopsis only includes the narrative from Theia’s point-of-view, and does not include Lilith’s POV chapters, or the chapters that take place in the past, which are from Ethan’s POV.

Theia and Mercy reside in a military-reclaimed zone dubbed as “Queen’s Quarter.” In that region of NE Portland, society is attempted to be resumed as usual, with citizens holding jobs, and children attending school. Of course, everyone must make do with the limited space and scarce resources.

One night, Theia ventures out of her house all alone, simply because she can, and because she wants to conquer her fear of darkness. She finds it surprisingly easy. That is, until she is drawn to rundown part of the zone and encounters a drunk man who ultimately commits suicide right in front of her. Theia’s emotional stability is destroyed.

Theia learns that, recently, in Woodburn (30 miles south of Portland), a prominent Reformist leader was apprehended by the military, and Mercy is to go help in the recovery effort of that battle. Theia decides to come along, to escape the horrors of Portland.

She helps for a time, but eventually convinces Mercy’s boss (who is the wife of Colonel Tyson Corwin) to allow her to speak to the Reformist leader. Theia demands to know how the man could have led so many people to die for an evil cause, but the man makes her realize that his cause was not evil. Shortly after, the leader is taken to Portland and is executed, along with other war criminals, like Marcus Solomon (the child soldier warlord from Remnant).

While still in Woodburn, Theia finds an old friend from her time in captivity, named Sophie. She learns of Sophie’s troubled past, of being raped by her father, and being captured by Marcus Solomon. Once again, Theia’s emotionally stability becomes fragile. This is then worsened further when the farm is raided for its food and supplies. These experiences trigger horrific memories, and Theia begs Mercy to return home.

Queen’s Quarter attempts to start a school year in the middle of April, but on the first day, that falls apart, as the students start attacking each other for belonging to opposite sides during the war. Theia has a complete mental breakdown and is placed in a special home for other troubled kids. There, she meets Jeremy, who is Sophie’s older brother. She befriends Jeremy, and learns that Sophie partially lied about her story. It turns out that Sophie was never harmed by her father, but that Jeremy was the one who was assaulted. Theia shares her stories with Jeremy, and the two become friends as well. Theia no longer feels alone in the horrors she’s experienced, and she feels good to have helped someone who also struggles emotionally. She goes home with Mercy, finally, but is emotionally overwhelmed when her father emerges from hiding and is already there in the house.

Seeing him causes Theia to breakdown once again. She has felt abandoned, and betrayed, and doesn’t know what to think about his sudden return. She avoids Ethan at all times, though Mercy tries to make her see reason.

The leaders of Queen’s Quarter deem that Portland remains too unstable and chaotic to be habitable, and thus arrange for its population to move west, to Cannon Beach. However, just as everyone begins preparing for evacuation, the zone is attacked by a giant mob led by Lilith Krohn, who is Theia’s aunt.

Ethan helps bring Theia and Mercy to safety. They escape the city and set up a camp just off the highway, waiting for the others to make it out. However, it turns out that Lilith tracked Ethan out there, and she makes an attempt to kill Theia directly in front of him. A fight ensues. Ethan is nearly killed, but Theia shoots Lilith in the leg, and Ethan proceeds to relentlessly beat her to the point of disfigurement. Ethan threatens his sister to stay away from them forever, or he will not hesitate to kill her.

Mercy was killed in Lilith’s attack on the camp, though. Ethan and Theia continue to drive toward the coast, looking for a peaceful, isolated place to bury Mercy. Theia has her final meltdown during the burial. She cries, begging to understand why the world is so violent, and why Ethan left her alone in it. Ethan explains himself, and begs her forgiveness. Theia understands his reasons, and chooses to forgive him.

Ethan and Theia make it the rest of the way to Cannon Beach, and are greeted warmly by the people of the town. They walk to the beach and share a moment embracing each other, looking forward to starting a new life in a new, and peaceful, place.


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