Remnant Cover forblog

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Remnant is told from the points of view of its main characters. The story centers around an 11-year-old girl named Theia, who narrowly escapes a massacre, then finds herself in a world torn apart by war. All she wants is to find her parents. During Theia’s journey, there is a woman named Mercy who is being dragged around the city by an enigmatic man named Ethan. Every character’s story is intertwined. Some live, some perish.


Resurrection Cover 2017

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Resurrection continues the series, and completes the journeys of Theia, Mercy, and Ethan that began in Remnant. The city is recovering from devastation, but the rest of the United States continues to crumble. Everyone must struggle to survive once again, and in the end, find their own way to be free of the chaos.