When Family Fails You – Introduction

Soon, I will be writing what will probably be my longest post ever. It will be called When Family Fails You, and it will concern something immense that's going on in my life right now. It will be about something that I've wanted to voice for a long time now that I haven't said a word … Continue reading When Family Fails You – Introduction


My Next Non-Fiction Book | Thinking Michael

Recently, I was considering writing a simple post laying out all my thoughts on feminism. I realized the things I have to say would fit better as a book than a simple post. Not only will the book contain all of my thoughts concerning feminism, and why nobody on Earth should follow the ideology, but … Continue reading My Next Non-Fiction Book | Thinking Michael

Killing Baby Hitler (Progressives Hate Babies)

This subject has been trending as of late, and there's one rather big thing about it that I haven't heard anyone say yet. All other arguments aside, there's the fact that the 'killing baby Hitler' argument has the same problem as the 'Oppenheimer' problem. Oppenheimer (Robert Oppenheimer) was the inventor of the nuclear bomb. If … Continue reading Killing Baby Hitler (Progressives Hate Babies)

Classical Liberalism – How I See It

For a long time, I was of the opinion that ‘classical liberal’ was a completely useless term. People have been using the term to differentiate with progressive lunatics that have in recent years hijacked the mainstream Left. I would say, “You’re either a liberal, or you’re not.” True though that may be, I’ve come to … Continue reading Classical Liberalism – How I See It

Overrated Works | Batman: The Killing Joke

This may be strange coming from someone who loves the Joker (and the Batman franchise as a whole) so much. It would only make sense that I love a Joker story as much as everybody else loves it... I enjoy The Killing Joke, but I certainly don't think it's great. Even it's own creator, Alan Moore, … Continue reading Overrated Works | Batman: The Killing Joke

The Sequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

This won't be a list, like I did with the prequel trilogy. Instead, it will be a short, objective statement. The Star Wars sequel trilogy cannot be canon for the simple reason that Disney has done everything it can to undo both the prequels AND the original trilogy. With The Force Awakens, they recreated A New … Continue reading The Sequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

The Prequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

I was going to make a post about how the Star Wars Sequel trilogy (7-9) cannot be canon, but I also realized that the prequels can't be canon for a number of reasons as well. So, here's why the prequels cannot be canon. I'll post the one about the sequels soon.   1. Leia Remembers … Continue reading The Prequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon