‘Atheist Miracles’ Now Available

It took a while, but it's here! Well, the ebook is. The paperback is still being prepared. If you prefer the paperback, it will be available July 28, 2018 at the latest, which is the last Saturday of July. Atheist Miracles. A book that is both the story of my life thus far, but more so... Continue Reading →


Nightwish Albums In Order From Worst to Best

No matter what you read in this article, remember that I love Nightwish above all other music artists. I think every album, even the worst ones, are still good. I have listened to all of the albums, including the worst ones, literally hundreds of times. That being said, let's begin...   Endless Forms Most Beautiful... Continue Reading →

‘Atheist Miracles’ Sample

A free look at the beginning of my autobiography, Atheist Miracles. Just a heads up: there won't be any more samples released. Book is now available! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DBVN2VJ/ Chapter 1: Last Days of Faith   Most days now, I forget that I was once a Christian. Not just any Christian, but a strong believer, often frustrated... Continue Reading →

Movies vs Shows – If My Novels Were Adapted

I've had some debate among people I know whether I would prefer my Remnant novels to be adapted into movies or into a TV show. I've always insisted the novels are best suited for one type of adaptation... Movies. Yes, you can get more development of characters and settings with the alternative, but shows have... Continue Reading →

My Autobiography – What to Expect

This will be the most personal book I've written, or ever will write. Here are the kinds of stories and themes you will read about. I've described it as the story of the past 12 years with my devout-Christian best friend. I've described it as the story of my life (biography). Both of those descriptions... Continue Reading →

My Autobiography – Available for Pre-Order

It's right around the corner. If you intend to buy it, it's best to do so now, because once it's available, the price will more than double. Find it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DBVN2VJ/ I made the cover dark and bright, and colored and colorless, intentionally. I think those things perfectly reflect the themes in the... Continue Reading →

Why Star Wars Will Never Be Great Again

Star Wars fans keep complaining about what Disney is doing to their beloved franchise, and rightfully so. I am among those people. But, there's something huge that the fans keep overlooking... There's nothing left to do with the franchise. And, if you think about it, there's been nothing left to do since the end of... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Echo’ by Kent Wayne

Amazon won't let me publish this review on their site, even though I have bought the book and was nuanced with my words. Funny, that. In the context of reading this on a blog, I guess this is a short letter to the author of Echo: I chose to read this book in order to... Continue Reading →

Looking For Writers

For anyone interested, I will hire up to 2 writers for this blog. The wage: $5 per article. You can write as frequently (or infrequently) as you wish, but every article must be at least 500 words in length and can be about any subject as long as it is insightful. All articles will be... Continue Reading →

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