I’m Still In Love With ‘Jesus’

Even though I’m an atheist, and will probably be one for the rest of my life, I’ve realized recently that I still have a soft spot for Jesus and the whole Christian ideology. But of course, there’s more to it than that.

Recently, I remembered that the first song I ever learned the lyrics to was Shout to the Lord. My memory was a little fuzzy, but I did my best to recall the words by playing it over and over in my head. Then, I recalled Continue reading


‘Remnant’ Will Be Re-released July 19, 2017

In 3 months, on the 2-year anniversary of the release of Remnant, the novel will be released again with a live-action cover art of the main character, and some extra material. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Since Relics, the third volume in the series, will be much bigger than its predecessors, it’ll take longer to write than usual, so now is the best time to do this. Continue reading

What It’s Like Being Married So Far

Being married really doesn’t feel any different than just being in a relationship. But like having children, I’ve always taken the subject of marriage very seriously even though it seems most people don’t anymore. The only real difference between marriage and a relationship is that the two of you have decided you want to be committed for life. Even for atheists, like us, marriage is a good symbolic ceremony (and legal status) for which to tell the world that you two want to be together until death. Continue reading

I Have A YouTube Channel

Watch my intro vid here.

Please subscribe. I have 5 subscribers so far, and I have only uploaded one video, so I’m glad some people are already supporting it.

I’ve been wanting to be a regular YouTuber for several years, but a variety of factors have slowed me down, and a lot of the time, I just didn’t care to. I’ll be uploading an ‘intro’ video soon, describing what the channel will be used for, but I’m sure people who follow my blog here on WordPress can guess that my videos will concern important subjects like politics, religion, philosophy, and social issues.

Am I A Radical Centrist?

It seems to me that everyone in America is either blatantly right-wing, blatantly left-wing, or pretends to be in the middle while secretly still being far on one side. People who claim to be independent are just hiding their true side, and people who say they’re moderates are spineless members of their side. Continue reading