Long-Term Goals

Before beginning, I want you to keep something in mind: Everyone thinks of Google as the head of its own enterprises, but this is not accurate. Google is a subsidiary of  a corporation called Alphabet. Google is their most important company. Alphabet is a tech company that doesn’t completely focus on the internet products/services. Google does, however, focus only on the internet, which is why it’s a subsidiary in the first place. Keep this in mind; you’ll see why I bring this up.

I plan for this site, ThinkingMichael.com, to be a subsidiary of an entity I’m starting called Musing Media. The purpose of Musing Media will be to have a variety of artistic entities that work on different things in different ways, yet all work together as a unit.  Separate, but together. My site, including my books and other projects, will only be a small part of this.

But, Musing Media will have a primary focus. One entity that will be its source of success, similar to how Google is the most important company owned by Alphabet Inc. This entity will be called ArcaneArtists.com, and it will be a site made for the support and empowerment of artists. In the future, ArcaneArtists.com will be more than a website, it will be offices and studios, where artists can go to complete their projects in peace, with all the tools and support they need. ArcaneArtists.com itself will produce nothing, it will only be where artists bring their works to. The other entities under the umbrella of Musing Media, like my site here and many others, will be tasked with producing art.

In a nutshell, this is what I have in mind for the future of ThinkingMichael.com. Basically, I want this site to become obsolete, even though everything will start from here. To help get ArcaneArtists.com off the ground, please give to Musing Media here.