Know Your Place

I am against authoritarianism politically, though, I also believe all people have moral obligations, and should be culturally pressured, to contribute to the world around them based on what they are and what they can do.

Fortunately, that happens naturally, when people are free and allowed to do what they want in a free market.

If you are intelligent, you should use it for the benefit of society. Same goes for people who are not intelligent. Same goes for tall people, short people, the tenacious and the unmotivated, the talented and untalented, the stern and the sheepish, and yes even men and women. Know what you are and what you can do, and contribute what you can based on that. We all have a moral obligation to do so.

Think about how many things we take for granted regularly. Take toilets for example. How many people actively think about how great it is that we have toilets and sewage systems? It’s something we all need, but it’s not like anybody spends their childhood dreaming about becoming a plumber… Somebody needs to do it. When I was in high school, I heard one of my teachers say something similar about fast-food workers. He said that it’s good some people don’t get very far in life, because, “Who else would make my burgers and burritos?” My initial reaction to that was disgust, but then a few seconds later I realized, Holy shit, it’s hard to argue against that point… I’m guessing he meant that as harsh motivation to the students he was talking to.

Not everyone has great aspirations, and that’s fine. Some people are content with whatever works for them. But also, not every necessary task has the misfortune of being gross or unflattering; some are outright painful. Take children’s hospitals for example. Imagine working in one of those, where you regularly see children in pain and sometimes even dying. Children… But again, somebody has to do it.

From sewage treatment, to firefighting, to food service, to combat. Whatever you are, whatever you’re most suited to do, whatever you’re naturally inclined to do, that is what you ought to do. Don’t let movements like religion or feminism tell you how to live your life.

There’s a scene in the original Mulan that I appreciate for a strange reason. It’s the scene where Mulan is eating dinner with her family and she starts an argument with her father for his willingness to go war despite being elderly and injured. Her father says he will die doing what’s right (fighting to defend his country and family). When Mulan tries to argue further, he yells, “I know my place! It is time you learned yours.”

Yet another thing that reminds me why I hate feminism. In the supposed “long history of misogyny,” feminists love to ignore that it’s actually men who’ve gotten the worse deal since the beginning of time, and warfare has been one of the main reasons why. You never hear feminists complaining that women have overwhelmingly always been immune to being enlisted into armies against their will all throughout history, all the way to the current day. I could, but won’t, list many more things in this regard.

Anyway, I appreciate that scene in Mulan because it subtly demonstrates that everyone, both men and women, have had ‘their place’ in society all throughout history. It was men’s jobs to provide, to protect, teach, build, govern, and ensure better futures for their loved ones. And it was women’s jobs to, in a nutshell, make babies and care for everything in the home and community. Mulan’s father, in that scene, showed it was ‘his place’ to fight for what he loved.

Can it be argued that, since Mulan took his place and proved herself a brave and capable fighter, that it was also her place to fight for her country and family? I think so. Since she could, she had a moral obligation to. Fictional story, but still.

I agree with the concept of having a ‘place,’ just not in an authoritarian sense. I believe it in a moral-obligation sense. If men want to raise the kids while the woman is the breadwinner, then that’s fine. I have no problem with any straying from the norm when it comes to this subject if it’s necessary or more practical in the circumstance. Do what you must.

That doesn’t negate what is necessary to society, though. Fact is, women give birth, therefore, generally, women ought to have kids and be caregivers. Fact is, men do not get pregnant and are physically superior to women, and therefore, generally, men ought to protect and provide for their family and society. It is something everybody needs to keep in mind at the very least, if they are so inclined to go against the way nature intended. Women will always be the child-bearers, men will always be stronger.

Good news is, in a liberal society, people are far more inclined to make their own decisions based on their natural inclinations, so everything I’m saying in this post isn’t something that needs to be taught. Except, the problem is, authoritarian movements are ever present and are always trying to force people into doing this or not doing that. Like feminism, which is always trying to oppose biology, either with force, intimidation, and outright lies. Now, feminism wants men to be effeminate and women to be masculine… Just why?

Don’t think I’m fixated on the differences between the sexes, important though that may be. It’s about the ‘place’ everybody should generally adhere to. If you (man or woman) want a life of taking care of animals, then maybe start a fish farm, or work on an animal reserve … instead of working at a zoo for decades, which doesn’t help animals at all. If you (man or woman) want a life of cooking, then maybe try to make sure the foods you serve are healthy, or maybe try cooking in a place where quality food is hard to come by, where your skills actually could make a difference.

Whatever you, as an individual, are naturally inclined to do, treat that inclination as an obligation. Treat it like you must do it, and don’t waste it. At the same time, whatever you are, give serious consideration into that as well. If you’re good with computers, consider serving society with that, even if your desires in life have nothing to do with that. If you’re good with handling money, consider how to serve society with that, even if your desires in life have nothing to do with that. Not saying you must, but I am saying you must seriously think about it, ethically.

But back to the all-encompassing subject of “obligations based on your sex…”

Men don’t always have to be the protectors or providers, but it is something they should take into consideration. Being masculine should be, at the very least, something they want to be and work to be. Men are built to be that way, and thus it should not be ignored. Like I mentioned before as well, if these traits and choices are to be done, they should be done faithfully. Instead of men simply … jogging once a week or something … and thinking that’s enough to keep them fit to protect their family, maybe they should take further measures to prevent intrusions into the home, measures to prevent their children from getting kidnapped, and measures to prevent their family from facing starvation in case (for example) the economy collapses. If you’re going to build something, then build it right. If you’re going to provide, then provide enough. That’s what I mean here.

Same principle applies to women. Women don’t always have to bear children and take care of their homes, but it is something they should take into consideration. Being feminine should be, at the very least, something they want to be and work to be. Women are built to be that way, and thus it should not be ignored. I think the same way men are obligated to more faithfully have masculine traits and behaviors, like protecting and providing, women also are more obligated to more faithfully have feminine traits and behaviors. Women, morally (and practically) you can have a multitude of children, but not with a multitude of men. If you are in a monogamous relationship, don’t cheat on your man, and don’t leave your man for idiotic reasons. Don’t trick your man into a raising a child that isn’t his. Women, you ethically have more of an obligation to be faithful to your family because you are women. I’m not saying men don’t have an obligation to be faithful – men certainly do – but I believe it applies even more to women, especially when it comes to the subject of families and relationships. It is far, far easier for women to damage lives, even when they don’t try to. Women, you are the ones who carry and birth babies. That’s an immense amount of power in itself. Do not take that lightly. Do not be selfish with that power.

Choices have lasting consequences. Previous generations chose to be wasteful and pollute, caring nothing for the future of the planet that they gave to their children. Previous generations chose to give women all the power in divorce cases, turning an important institution like marriage into a weapon for women to feed their egos and even sadism. The current ruling generation, millennials, are encouraging abortions and discouraging reproducing altogether (not to mention all the other foolish things they are perpetuating), which is breaking down almost everything crucial to keep society stable, from making people overwhelmingly miserable to overall more reckless lifestyles.

We need each other. We have an obligation to each other. Know your place in society.