Movies vs Shows – If My Novels Were Adapted

I've had some debate among people I know whether I would prefer my Remnant novels to be adapted into movies or into a TV show. I've always insisted the novels are best suited for one type of adaptation... Movies. Yes, you can get more development of characters and settings with the alternative, but shows have … Continue reading Movies vs Shows – If My Novels Were Adapted


Judging Certain Lifestyles

Part of my motivation in writing this article is to remind myself of its lesson. What I'm going to explain is something I myself often forget. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, bugs gotta crawl. I admit that I am a judgmental person. Objectively speaking, I don't think my being judgmental is justified (most of … Continue reading Judging Certain Lifestyles

Agree With Me!

Buckle up. This is going to be a very blunt post. And for the record, yes, I intentionally made the title of this post to be both fitting and misleading. I'm curious to see who automatically assumes I've started demanding that people agree with me. Just curious. Recently, I was randomly reminded of something that … Continue reading Agree With Me!

My Thoughts on Crowdfunding

To be honest, I think crowdfunding is the most respectable way to earn money, even more than conventional incomes like salaries or biweekly paychecks. When you think about it, crowdfunding is a way to make sure a creator's content stays pure and to make sure creators stay true to their donors. Even more so, it's … Continue reading My Thoughts on Crowdfunding

Is Entertainment Important?

Is being an entertainer or artist important for society? Whether you're an actor or a CG animator, does your job really contribute to the wellbeing of mankind? Sure, these jobs pay plenty, but do they actually help us all? Entertainment doesn't feed anyone, it doesn't build shelters, it doesn't filter water... Currently, I'm working on … Continue reading Is Entertainment Important?

Infinite Minds: The Reason Writers Write

While I've gone on record to say that writing is not the greatest art form, it will always be my first love and favorite. Both reading and writing are for a small percentage of the human race. Notice that websites like, well, WordPress, don't get anywhere near the same kind of traffic that sites like … Continue reading Infinite Minds: The Reason Writers Write


Like what I've done with the place? I'll be making more updates to my blog soon. This blog has a YouTube channel, but it is yet to have its first video. On this channel I will be making full-length reviews of movies and books, and it will be hosting my podcasts as well. I would … Continue reading Upgrades