Like what I've done with the place? I'll be making more updates to my blog soon. This blog has a YouTube channel, but it is yet to have its first video. On this channel I will be making full-length reviews of movies and books, and it will be hosting my podcasts as well. I would … Continue reading Upgrades


Snoke vs. Adam: A Lesson In Storytelling

The title of this article most likely has you thinking, "I know who Snoke is, but who's Adam? Is it Adam from the book of Genesis? What would those two have to do with each other?" The answer is no, it's not Adam from Genesis I'll be talking about. It's actually Adam from my novel Remnant, … Continue reading Snoke vs. Adam: A Lesson In Storytelling

Fans Are Important

Have you noticed that popular creators like George R.R. Martin, Alan Moore, and others, generally hate the idea of people having their own interpretation of their works? Martin has outright called fan fiction plagiarism, and Alan Moore condemns every one of his works from being turned into movies (which is why you never see his … Continue reading Fans Are Important

On My Own

I’m the kind of person who prefers working with people, regardless of the situation. There is always greater benefit to be had if you are part of a team, and that applies to literally everyone in life. Unfortunately, a sad truth we all know about life is that …. people suck. The majority of people … Continue reading On My Own

The Different Kinds of Falling In Love

This will be a strange one.... Bear with me. When we think of falling in love, what's the first thing that most often comes to mind? Two lovers living happily ever after, right? Well, that's not the only definition of 'falling in love.' We can fall in love with a work of art, a job, … Continue reading The Different Kinds of Falling In Love

My Plan For When This Blog Grows

I try to be as consumed in all things art as much as possible, from books, to illustrations, to films. Even if there's a type of art I can't create, I like to be surrounded by people who can. Art is expression of the soul, and is the most beautiful thing humans produce, besides other … Continue reading My Plan For When This Blog Grows

We Are All Characters In The Story of Life

When you're in a crowd of people, how often do you stop to look at a random person, who isn't doing anything particularly interesting, and think, I wonder what that person's story is? We all have a story. Our lives are their own story, with a beginning, middle, and end. A plot, filled with subplots and … Continue reading We Are All Characters In The Story of Life