My Guilty Pleasures

The other day, I left my iPod at work. It wasn't found by anyone, let alone taken, but it got me thinking about what if it had been taken, or at least used. Some people would discover my strange taste in music. It got me thinking, and ultimately I figured why not just tell everyone … Continue reading My Guilty Pleasures


The Greatest People I’ve Known

When the world, and even loved ones let you down, it's always good to remember who never has. I hope everyone has people in their life which that applies to. Here are the people I've known who have had the greatest positive impact on my life.   1. Lana and Larry The parents I chose. … Continue reading The Greatest People I’ve Known

Who I Am

If you want to be a good person, and if that’s what you strive for every single day, I do believe that the most necessary ingredient to achieve this … is doubt. Question yourself. Question what you believe, question what you do. Question everything. Question whether or not you are a good person. You’ll never … Continue reading Who I Am

Jeff Bezos Divorced

The richest man in the world is getting divorced. Currently (at the moment I'm writing this), he is worth $137 billion. Does his wife deserve half of his money? Normally, I hate (I mean hate, with a fiery passion) the fact that men generally have to hand over their hard-earned money to a woman they're separating … Continue reading Jeff Bezos Divorced