Rewarding Readers

The concept of rewarding readers is, as I understand it, giving your readers new things to enjoy upon second or third reads. It's giving them things to notice or understand better that they wouldn't have gotten the first time around. With every one of my novels, I have tried, and will always try, to do … Continue reading Rewarding Readers


Snoke vs. Adam: A Lesson In Storytelling

The title of this article most likely has you thinking, "I know who Snoke is, but who's Adam? Is it Adam from the book of Genesis? What would those two have to do with each other?" The answer is no, it's not Adam from Genesis I'll be talking about. It's actually Adam from my novel Remnant, … Continue reading Snoke vs. Adam: A Lesson In Storytelling

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapters 5-7

Apologies for neglecting to post a chapter the past 3 Saturdays. Here are chapters 5 through 7. THEIA “What do you want, girl?” asked the biggest one of the group. Theia was still approaching as he spoke to her. “Can I come with you guys?” she asked gently after reaching them. “Where?” the same kid responded. … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapters 5-7

How I Choose Character Names In My Books

This article reveals something I've never told anyone that many will probably find funny. It's been statistically demonstrated that a person's name has a lot of influence on what they do with their life, from the way it sounds, to what the public generally associates with that name, to what the name itself is. I … Continue reading How I Choose Character Names In My Books

Who I Base My Characters On

Spoilers for my books ahead, of course. When I wrote my debut novel, Remnant, I wrote the main characters to all be based on people I knew. The interesting thing is, I originally conceived the story as a teenager and the main characters in Remnant are based on people in my life when I was 16. That's how it … Continue reading Who I Base My Characters On

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Mercy reached for Haley's hand. She gripped it firmly as she stepped up the stairs. She checked once, then twice to be sure Haley's eyes were tightly shut. Every time they had come upstairs, even during the cover of dark, Mercy saw the bodies, though in actuality she had already removed them. They were all … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 4

Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 3

What have I done? Adam could not look away from the body. Its warm blood continued to drain from the neck. Adam dropped the glass shard from his hands, having cut himself in the moment. The blood spread toward his feet, but he could not even step away. A masked man had broken in somehow … Continue reading Remnant (Volume I) – Chapter 3