I Fear the Future

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the future of mankind. Why? Because I just had a child, and of course I want to be confident she will have a future. For now, she has two very loving parents who are happily married (which you don't see much anymore), and a highly supportive family. But... Continue Reading →


How Game of Thrones Will End: The Reformation of Westeros (And Perhaps the Whole World)

Imagine if A Song of Ice and Fire had the ending everyone assumes it will. Imagine Jon Snow and Daenerys got married and became king and queen of Westeros after defeating the evil zombies and overthrowing the evil Queen Cersei, and everyone lived happily ever after. Pretty boring, and a huge waste of time, don't you think?... Continue Reading →

Cersei Will Die In Season 7 Finale

Jaime will kill Cersei. And it will happen when Cersei does something monstrous that Jaime has to stop, by killing her. But it will be too late. Almost every single scene this season with either Jaime or Cersei has foreshadowed this like crazy. How, you may ask? I'll explain: In the first episode of the... Continue Reading →

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