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The Truth About Laughter

You can find many truths in laughter. You can learn things about yourself and your surroundings just based on what you and others laugh about. Laughter is involuntary, and it’s triggered when something we hear and/or see contradicts something we subconsciously know to be true. Usually it involves something we know to be ridiculous. Continue reading


Excerpt From “The Atheist Pocket Book”

If, like myself, you were raised Christian, lived the Christian life, and believed Christian doctrine, but eventually rejected it all, that is one of the scariest things you will ever experience. I can’t imagine how scary it must be in Muslim countries where apostasy is punishable by death. For ex-Christians, it really all has to do with hell more than anything else. Growing up, I tried my hardest to stifle and flush out all thoughts of doubt about my faith, because I believed it was the Devil’s influence. I believed he was trying to pull me away from God and make me ultimately meet the same fate he will one day meet. Continue reading

Pride is a Virtue, Not a Sin

I’ve wanted to tackle this topic before. For several years, actually. Truth is, I haven’t written an article about it because there is so much I want to say, with such a tremendous desire to say it correctly. I still don’t think I’m prepared to do that, but I’ve chosen to create this article anyway, because achieving perfection is impossible. Weeks ago, I reached a breaking point where I feel I need to speak my mind on this, and you’ll see why. Continue reading

Happiness vs. Depression

Happiness does not exist, nor does depression. At least, neither exists in a constant state. There is no point at which one can reach happiness and remain there for the rest of their life. Happiness and depression are both just moods. Moods that can change on virtually a moment’s notice. Happy one day, depressed the next. That doesn’t make you bipolar. That’s just the way it works for everyone, everywhere. Continue reading

The Atheist Pocket Book

I thought I would publish this book in January, but it turned out to have not taken very long to make. So, here it is. For just one measly dollar, I have provided my fellow non-theists with a small book explaining the basics of why we don’t believe. It’s not super detailed, and of course when it comes to getting religious people to understand who we are and why we think the way we do, it usually requires tons and tons of explaining, but hopefully this will help us all out down the road.

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Finally Happy

I’ve only been in one relationship that included fighting and arguing, and I’m glad those days are behind me. However, on the flip-side, I’ve only ever been in one relationship where I felt truly happy, at my innermost core, and that is the one I’m currently in – the one that I truly hope lasts until the day I die.

I’ve talked about my now-girlfriend even before we were together, during the days where I sadly thought I had no chance with her. So, I know I’ve talked about her in multiple articles I’ve written. Why, though? you are probably asking me in your head. Well, I’ll gladly explain. The reason may not be what you assume. Continue reading