I Fear the Future

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the future of mankind. Why? Because I just had a child, and of course I want to be confident she will have a future. For now, she has two very loving parents who are happily married (which you don't see much anymore), and a highly supportive family. But... Continue Reading →


We Are All Characters In The Story of Life

When you're in a crowd of people, how often do you stop to look at a random person, who isn't doing anything particularly interesting, and think, I wonder what that person's story is? We all have a story. Our lives are their own story, with a beginning, middle, and end. A plot, filled with subplots and... Continue Reading →

The 6 Greatest Villains In All Fiction, and Why

  Here are, what I think, the 6 greatest villains in all fiction of recent history. Prepare for some of my usual philosophy talk. #6. Voldemort (Harry Potter)      I'm surprised I ultimately chose to include Voldemort on this list at all, but I have my reasons. He's basically Adolf Hitler of the magical... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on Batman

There couldn’t be a greater superhero franchise than Batman. It’s not just because he’s cool. It goes much, much deeper than that. I’ll list some reasons, saving the best for last. The most human superhero with the most human supervillains. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, and same goes with most of his villains. The characters... Continue Reading →

Writing a Love Story

The sequel to Remnant, which will be called Resurrection, explores the past of the character Ethan. As expected by anyone who has read Remnant, it introduces the one he became lovers and a parent with. I've never written a love story before, neither in my non-published writings nor in Remnant. Working on the love story in Resurrection has been a real... Continue Reading →

Why We Love Stories

While I wrote this article, this song started playing on my computer. I think I'll encourage you all to listen to it while you read this. They say, "Plant a tree, write a book, and raise a child." I couldn't find the exact source of that quote, but it is a phrase I agree with.... Continue Reading →

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