Nightwish Albums In Order From Worst to Best

No matter what you read in this article, remember that I love Nightwish above all other music artists. I think every album, even the worst ones, are still good. I have listened to all of the albums, including the worst ones, literally hundreds of times. That being said, let's begin...   Endless Forms Most Beautiful... Continue Reading →


Why Nightwish Is My Favorite Band

I am dedicating my third Remnant novel, which will be called Relics, to the current and past members of Nightwish. That is how much I love their music. I will also be paying homage to them in the novel in various ways. I’ve only briefly touched on this subject before, but I will fully elaborate... Continue Reading →

The Different Kinds of Falling In Love

This will be a strange one.... Bear with me. When we think of falling in love, what's the first thing that most often comes to mind? Two lovers living happily ever after, right? Well, that's not the only definition of 'falling in love.' We can fall in love with a work of art, a job,... Continue Reading →

Lyrics I Love | Turn Loose the Mermaids – Nightwish

A kite above a graveyard grey At the end of the line far far away A child holding on to the magic of birth and awe Oh, how beautiful it used to be Just you and me far beyond the sea The waters, scarce in motion Quivering still At the end of the river the... Continue Reading →

Are Ratings and Age Restrictions Necessary?

The short answer is... No. Keep in mind while reading this article that everything I say is just my opinion. If you disagree, then you are free to disagree. This topic really comes down to whether or not parents should allow their kids to consume entertainment that contains violence, foul language, sex, drugs, etc. While... Continue Reading →

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