My Greatest Inspiration (Part I)

Back in my early teen years, a very unique film came out that would ultimately inspire me to write my most treasured books. I know I talk about my Remnant series a lot here on my blog, but I've never talked about where it really came from. Well, now you know. Remnant's story/tone came from 2005's War of the … Continue reading My Greatest Inspiration (Part I)


The Good Things About “The Last Jedi”

I have a new podcast about this topic on my YouTube channel here. Check it out if you aren't the reading type. But if you're not, how did you even find this article? Now, while I hate Star Wars: The Last Jedi more than any other Star Wars movie (and probably any other movie in general), it … Continue reading The Good Things About “The Last Jedi”

Fictional Universes

What do I think of cinematic universes? I think they're ruining movies. Don't just take my word for it, the statistics show that Hollywood is actually slowly dying. And it's probably because originality has already died in Hollywood. Every studio now thinks their even somewhat-popular franchises need to have spin-offs, and that they need to … Continue reading Fictional Universes

Overrated Works | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

My first Overrated Works article will be about a work that is considered (by literally everyone I’ve ever heard talk about it) to be amazing… Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m not just talking about the book, nor just talking about the film. I’m going to be talking about the third Harry Potter … Continue reading Overrated Works | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The Greatest Film

There is an overwhelming consensus that the greatest film of all time is Citizen Kane. Now, while I do agree that Citizen Kane is well-made, and for a 40s movie had some amazing visual effects, I do not agree that it is the greatest of all time. The greatness of a film is in the eye of the … Continue reading The Greatest Film

A Guide to Everything Wrong With “The Last Jedi”

This article will not be for the people who enjoyed the film. If you liked it, then I won’t try to change your mind. No, this article will be SOLELY for the people criticizing the people who hated the film. We have legit reasons to hate it. And I’m going to thoroughly, thoroughly explain why. … Continue reading A Guide to Everything Wrong With “The Last Jedi”

Scenes I Love | Gifted

I'm starting 2 new segments here called "Scenes I Love," and, "Lyrics I Love." Expect to see them regularly, but on no particular schedule. To begin "Scenes I Love," I'll be quoting one of my favorite scenes of all time, from a new movie called Gifted. "Is there a god?" "I don't know." "Just tell me." … Continue reading Scenes I Love | Gifted