Cover Art Contest

I thought I'd give my audience a little fun competition, if anybody is up to it. As I announced recently, I will be releasing the first two Remnant novels as one compiled volume with a preview of the third novel, and I'm giving any artists out there an opportunity to earn some extra money. I'm … Continue reading Cover Art Contest


Return To Politics?

A while ago, I decided to have this blog's articles be strictly based on things related to art. It's the way I still prefer, because talking about other things like philosophy and politics (especially politics) can be really depressing; not to mention, those things anger people who don't agree with what you say. The primary reason … Continue reading Return To Politics?


First thing's first. I can see that a lot of you expected me to post today but saw nothing when you visited the blog. I apologize. Truth is, I don't have an article prepared for you, nor will I for at least a month. See, my daughter's birth is right around the corner, and I'm … Continue reading Update

Fewer Articles

While I am happy to see my blog grow since I began posting daily, and I'm consistently getting views, the numbers of each individual post remain negligible. I love writing, and since I've been blogging for 13 years (only 2 years on this site), it's obvious I will always want to blog in some way, … Continue reading Fewer Articles

My Novels, Here On

Every Saturday, starting tonight at 7:00 Pacific Time, I will be posting a chapter from my novels, starting with my debut, Remnant. It will be totally free, although I will continue to ask that my audience help support my work through Patreon here. It's nice to be able to give away free things, but even free things … Continue reading My Novels, Here On

How to Write a Novel

When it comes to writing a story, I believe you need a few key ingredients. All stories, short and long, take a great deal of time to write. Years, in most cases. So, of course, if you're going to dedicate so much of your life into this novel, it must be a story you love. … Continue reading How to Write a Novel