Outsourcing One of My Novels

Ever since I first conceived of the Remnant series, I always had a particular volume in mind that I would never write myself. It was a hypothetical novel, which I had actually fully outlined. This novel would explain exactly what caused the collapse of America. Its characters would be (fictional) members of the US government … Continue reading Outsourcing One of My Novels


“Relics” Trailer

I'm currently on hiatus, but I couldn't resist doing this... Ever notice books don’t get trailers like movies? Well, some do, but it’s hardly common. So, I got the idea of giving my upcoming novel, Relics, the third volume in my Remnant Saga, a trailer. A written trailer. This is more for fun than for advertising purposes, … Continue reading “Relics” Trailer

Atheist Miracles

I made a mistake today. Today's article was going to talk about my Remnant series and the fact that people can be worse than anything you see in fiction. I was going to use an example from my own life, about my own blood relatives, but the example occurred too recently, and I felt it would be … Continue reading Atheist Miracles

My Rules For Writing

In everything one does, they must abide by rules. Without rules, there is only disaster and chaos. This applies to writing as well. When I’m writing articles here on my blog, I have a rule of keeping things as short as possible, even though I can always write a lot more. With my books, I … Continue reading My Rules For Writing

I Review My Favorite Review

The first review of my debut novel has always been my favorite. This is because the person actually put thought into the review, rather than reacting with emotion saying, "It was the best thing ever!" or "Awful! Just awful!" The opinions I respect and trust the most are the ones that are based on the … Continue reading I Review My Favorite Review

Deeper Meanings In My Books

My philosophy is: There must always be a deeper meaning to one's art, and to every part of their art. My books are meant to make people think. They are meant to give people new perspective on life, and that will be true even when I start writing science fiction and fantasy. My books are … Continue reading Deeper Meanings In My Books

Rewarding Readers

The concept of rewarding readers is, as I understand it, giving your readers new things to enjoy upon second or third reads. It's giving them things to notice or understand better that they wouldn't have gotten the first time around. With every one of my novels, I have tried, and will always try, to do … Continue reading Rewarding Readers