Art: The Gateway to Heaven

This article will be slightly more personal than usual. I might include this in my upcoming book, but we'll see. The other night, I was walking with my best friend, who is a Christian. As everyone who’s read my writing for any length of time already knows, I’m an atheist and have been for nearly a decade.... Continue Reading →


My Plan For When This Blog Grows

I try to be as consumed in all things art as much as possible, from books, to illustrations, to films. Even if there's a type of art I can't create, I like to be surrounded by people who can. Art is expression of the soul, and is the most beautiful thing humans produce, besides other... Continue Reading →

My Summer Photography Project

My wife and I want to get into photography regularly, and share at least 1 new image of the world every single day. We want to start this by traveling Oregon and Washington for a week in summer 2018, taking hundreds of pictures of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We want to share the images with the... Continue Reading →

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