Updates – Feb. 7th 2019

Some info on my releases for 2019... Unfortunately, Relics will not be released on February 24 as  originally planned. Its release will be delayed until July 10. This is the same day that the chapter-compilation volume, Theia, will be released. However... Both Relics and Theia will be published one chapter at a time, for free, on my Wattpad page here. So, … Continue reading Updates – Feb. 7th 2019


Ask Me Questions

One of the segments I'll be doing on my YouTube channel is answering questions from my audience. Since I talk about pretty much everything on this blog, your questions can also be about pretty much anything. Email me at admin@thinkingmichael.com to submit your questions. Want to have a conversation with me? If you support this … Continue reading Ask Me Questions

This Blog in 2019

Interviews, Audience Responses, Videos For a long time now, I've wanted to add certain kinds of content to my blog, but have that content be on other platforms, namely iTunes (for podcasts) and YouTube. These things will begin in 2019, I've decided. Audience Responses: I'll invite my audience to send me questions, and I'll respond … Continue reading This Blog in 2019

‘Atheist Miracles’ Now Available

It took a while, but it's here! Well, the ebook is. The paperback is still being prepared. Atheist Miracles. A book that is both the story of my life thus far, but more so the story of the last 12 years with my best friend. The book is more than twice as long as I had … Continue reading ‘Atheist Miracles’ Now Available

Supporter Sundays

Every Sunday, I hope to have a segment for my audience, by my audience. Whether that is an article they have written, or (more likely) an article they have requested I write about. It will be dubbed Supporter Sunday. In a nutshell, it's promotion for my supporters, if there's anything they would like to have promoted. At … Continue reading Supporter Sundays