Updates – Feb. 7th 2019

Some info on my releases for 2019... Unfortunately, Relics will not be released on February 24 as  originally planned. Its release will be delayed until July 10. This is the same day that the chapter-compilation volume, Theia, will be released. However... Both Relics and Theia will be published one chapter at a time, for free, on my Wattpad page here. So, … Continue reading Updates – Feb. 7th 2019

The Greatest People I’ve Known

When the world, and even loved ones let you down, it's always good to remember who never has. I hope everyone has people in their life which that applies to. Here are the people I've known who have had the greatest positive impact on my life.   1. Lana and Larry The parents I chose. … Continue reading The Greatest People I’ve Known

Who I Am

If you want to be a good person, and if that’s what you strive for every single day, I do believe that the most necessary ingredient to achieve this … is doubt. Question yourself. Question what you believe, question what you do. Question everything. Question whether or not you are a good person. You’ll never … Continue reading Who I Am

Bigotry Only Changes Its Targets

I've noticed something recently. Bigotry never goes away; it never even starts to fade. Over time, bigotry only changes its targets. When you look at the modern Left, it's obvious that they are stuck in a time period from before they were born. The modern Left thinks it's living in the 1850s, where women can't … Continue reading Bigotry Only Changes Its Targets

Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys

See that face? Tyrion is up to something. All throughout the series, both in the show and books, Tyrion's greatest struggle is wanting his family to accept him. All of his major life events revolve around this fact. He nearly had a wife, but his father disapproved and then fabricated a reason to have his … Continue reading Tyrion Will Betray Jon and Daenerys

Everything (In This Movie) Is Awesome

I haven't heard anyone call The Lego Movie an instant classic, but I think it damn well should be. It is the greatest family film since the original Star Wars, and in some ways is the greatest family film of all time. The Lego Movie happens within a child's imagination. A child playing with Legos, who … Continue reading Everything (In This Movie) Is Awesome