My Thoughts on Crowdfunding

To be honest, I think crowdfunding is the most respectable way to earn money, even more than conventional incomes like salaries or biweekly paychecks. When you think about it, crowdfunding is a way to make sure a creator's content stays pure and to make sure creators stay true to their donors. Even more so, it's … Continue reading My Thoughts on Crowdfunding


No More Deadlines

In my endless goal to evolve and improve, I have decided to drop something which used to be part of my routine. From now on, my books will not have a release date. There is one exception, and I will get into that in a bit. I've made this decision for a simple reason. Deadlines … Continue reading No More Deadlines

I Fear the Future

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the future of mankind. Why? Because I just had a child, and of course I want to be confident she will have a future. For now, she has two very loving parents who are happily married (which you don't see much anymore), and a highly supportive family. But … Continue reading I Fear the Future

Cover Art Contest

I thought I'd give my audience a little fun competition, if anybody is up to it. As I announced recently, I will be releasing the first two Remnant novels as one compiled volume with a preview of the third novel, and I'm giving any artists out there an opportunity to earn some extra money. I'm … Continue reading Cover Art Contest

Why Is Politics So Divisive?

Ever wonder why people get so emotionally worked up when discussing politics? My answer to this question is ultimately why years ago I chose to be a liberal. It comes down to human nature and the fact humans are tribal by nature. Tribalism isn't limited to where our 'group' lives, or appears, or behaves. It … Continue reading Why Is Politics So Divisive?

Outsourcing One of My Novels

Ever since I first conceived of the Remnant series, I always had a particular volume in mind that I would never write myself. It was a hypothetical novel, which I had actually fully outlined. This novel would explain exactly what caused the collapse of America. Its characters would be (fictional) members of the US government … Continue reading Outsourcing One of My Novels

Politics | Is Either Side Evil?

First political post in a long time. Let's see how my audience responds... I was raised by conservative families. My mother, my first foster home, my second foster home, and my adoptive home…, all conservative. Yet, I became a liberal starting when I was about 19 years old. As my readers will know full-well when … Continue reading Politics | Is Either Side Evil?