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Is Cersei Evil, or Misunderstood?

Apologies for taking a month to post anything. Life has gotten busier with a kid on the way and everything. But if you want content more often, support this blog through Patreon here.

I feel I must objectively examine the character of Cersei Lannister, because ever since I first got into the A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) franchise, I’ve hated her the most. Even when Joffrey was still alive in the show and he was the most popular character to hate, my hatred for him was outweighed by my hatred for Cersei. But as for all things in life, real or fiction, I consciously force myself to try to see all possible sides when it comes to any person or situation. Not to mention, it’s a fact that the best way to oppose something, deal with something, or even just ignore something, is to understand it. Whenever a person has negative feelings about anything, I believe, they must first understand it so that their feelings are derived from reason and logic, not raw emotion. Continue reading


WhatCulture’s “8 Moments Everyone Misunderstands About The Force Awakens”

An internet company/group/channel/whatever-the-hell called “WhatCulture” released a video called “8 Moments Everyone Misunderstands About The Force Awakens.” In it, they explain that they did some homework and found explanations to things wrong with the movie. They’re great theories, but there are some serious issues with these theories…. Continue reading

Joker Origin Movie (My Thoughts)

Hollywood gets 1, only 1, good idea every year. They already used up their 1 good idea this year with the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. Just when you think they’ve run out of ideas, you realize you’re right, but they still have plenty of stupid ideas. Now they have an idea as ridiculous as Lord of the Flies with an entirely-female cast (which is happening, too). The Joker is getting an origin movie. Continue reading

Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

This episode is not called The Dragon and the Wolf. This episode is to be called, It’s About Damn Time! It’s not a finale episode, it’s a FINALLY! episode. Continue reading

How Game of Thrones Will End: The Reformation of Westeros (And Perhaps the Whole World)

No Happy Ending

Imagine if A Song of Ice and Fire had the ending everyone assumes it will. Imagine Jon Snow and Daenerys got married and became king and queen of Westeros after defeating the evil zombies and overthrowing the evil Queen Cersei, and everyone lived happily ever after. Pretty boring, and a huge waste of time, don’t you think? We’ve already had The Lord of the Rings with its predictable ending. The classics have already been written. A Song of Ice and Fire is a new classic, not a rehash of the old ones. Continue reading