Our mission is to support and inspire independent artists everywhere. This includes photographers, writers, painters, musicians, filmmakers, digital illustrators, etc.

How will we do this? A variety of ways.

Artists will submit their works via email, and if they’re approved and sign a distribution contract, their work is uploaded to The site will be fairly straightforward. Our contributing artists’ works will make up 100% of our online shop, from which customers will purchase those works.



Why contribute your artistic works to

  1. Contributors keep 80% of the sales revenue from their works.
  2. Every month, the top sales earner receives 20% of our subscriber revenue.
  3. Free advertising of your works across social media, likely having your works being featured (one at a time) on the front page of our site.
  4. Under the right circumstances, we may give you financial support for your next project. (See below.)
  5. For as long as your works are on the site and they sell, you will always earn royalties from them, even ten years down the road.

Whether it is books, paintings, photos, music, or even a YouTube miniseries, we want artists like you to be able to give their art to the world. We may, under the right circumstances, either provide supplies to contributing artists for free, or we may pay artists to complete their next project. If this is something you need, remember it will be contingent on how long we have worked with you, how much you have contributed, and simply what you have contributed. Paid contributors must remember that it will be an investment on our part. An investment in someone and a project we believe in.

Your project is more likely to be selected for investment by if you have previous similar works to shows us, and/or if you have been a paid contributor in the past. If we have only recently begun working with you, our investment in your future project will be smaller, but the more you work with us, the more likely we will invest greater amounts in your future projects.

If you are a contributor who does not need financial assistance beforehand, you need only submit your works to us via email, whereupon we will decide to contract with you or decline the work. All artists we work with must be the sole users of a reliable PayPal account and a reliable email account to be a contributor.

Important note: Contributors will not be asked or required to cease or shutdown their own websites or other campaigns to make money from their work. You are free to continue doing your own promotion of your works. It is not an exclusive contract. is not meant to be an artist’s sole means of revenue from their art, but rather simply an addition to it. As long as all the work submitted to us belongs to the one who submits it, nothing needs to change.




Most businesses have subscribers these days, even the Amazon corporation. We will have subscribers as well, though it will be a little different. The main difference: You get to decide how much your subscription is. It can be $1, and it can be $1,000 if you want.

Across the board, we provide the same perks to all subscribers who pay $20/month or higher:

  1. Access to locked and hidden parts of the website.
  2. 10% discount on all products.
  3. Previews of upcoming works.
  4. Occasional free products.
  5. A monthly newsletter. (See below.)
  6. Most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing you are helping in getting off the ground and keeping our prices as low as possible.

Subscribers choose their monthly subscription amount. Arcane is currently a startup, and we choose to rely on our subscribers instead of corporate investors. We are privately owned and operated, but we still offer investments in exchange for partial ownership of the site. Our subscription service is for those who believe in our mission of empowering expression.

We want to keep our prices as low as possible. If you support our mission of empowering expression, but we don’t yet carry products that interest you, we still encourage you to subscribe to help keep our prices low. We want the best possible works to share with the world at the lowest possible price.

To subscribe, click here (


The Newsletter

The Future of

We will call our newsletter The Empowering Expression Newsletter. Its main purpose is to outline our progress as a company as we work toward our goals of our own offices and studios. Our contributors deserve to have peaceful and supportive work environments, where they will also have access to everything they need for their next project. We intend to have studios for music, photography, and even movies someday. Also included in the newsletter will be announcements, profiles of our longtime contributing artists, previews of our upcoming books and (someday) shows and movies, and more.






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