Thank You, Brooke

A good person questions if they are a good person. I have my entire life, but I’ve now stopped questioning that, for the most part. And it’s all thanks to, or at least it culminated in, my ex-wife Brooke.

In my upcoming non-fictional book, The Truth About Women, I originally wrote a chapter describing my personal experience, but I decided to scrap that chapter. It no longer exists. But I have decided to write this post in its place. This and its predecessor are relatively similar.

When Brooke destroyed our family, it took a few months for the “usual ex-wife accusations” to start rolling in. Yes, believe it or not, the typical ex-wife BS didn’t start right off the bat. At first, Brooke told me she left because I “treated her more like a roommate than a wife.” Then, her reason was that I was too insecure about being cheated on (which was true at the time). No, the accusations that I was an abusive husband, and that she fears for her safety … that didn’t start until about half-a-year after we separated.

She once even wrote in her trial memo (I think it’s called), signed by her and her lawyer, that there was no abuse involved in our case. Here is that portion of the memo, and then here is our judge pointing out how Brooke changed her story at the last minute:

When Brooke started falsely accusing me of being an abusive husband, and pretending that she fears for her safety, she became the greatest projection artist I’ve ever known. I could write an entire post of its own about how everything Brooke has thrown at me is a projection. I’ll use just one example for now…

Brooke has accused me of gaslighting, though she can also never give outright examples of that, either. This most recent time she’s taken me to court, she brought up a post from the old-version of this blog. She claimed this particular post was basically me telling the world that I believe domestic violence is good (who the f&%# believes that?????). As retarded as that argument was, my lawyer still had to disprove this claim. He asked her to read around four different parts of that very post where I outright stated that the woman I talked about in the post, Jan, should have left her abusive husband.

And even though my lawyer asked Brooke, rhetorically, if she will acknowledge that I condemn domestic violence, Brooke’s response to the entire courtroom was essentially, my paraphrase, “Please ignore all the evidence that Michael is against domestic violence, don’t believe your own eyes and ears people, and just believe my interpretation of what the post says!”

That’s gaslighting.

Okay, I can’t resist another example of Brooke’s projection… Only one more, I promise.

During that same trial, Brooke had her lawyer endlessly make the point that I hate women. I guess Brooke forgot the fact that the entire reason she and I still have anything to do with each other is because we share a daughter… Oh, and I take care of our daughter 4 days a week. I fought tooth and nail, figuratively, to keep being a father despite Brooke’s best efforts to rob her own child of her father. But anyway, the projection here is that Brooke pleaded with the court to force me, yes force me, to take “toxic masculinity” classes. And anyone with half a brain knows that “toxic masculinity” is just a euphemism for emasculation. Goes right back to the fact that feminism is a supremacist movement. In Brooke’s mind, the only good man is man who resembles a woman.

I keep thinking, “Hey Brooke, when did I ever try to force you to take classes that teach you it’s wrong to be born a woman?” So, quite clearly, the only sexist between us, is Brooke herself. But since she’s a woman, and a narcissist, she thinks it’s okay to be sexist if you’re already a woman.

In the future, I will make a post laying out every bit of evidence I have that Brooke is the actual abuser. But that’s for another time. It’ll take quite a while to assemble, organize, and present the mountain of evidence I have proving Brooke’s true character. But you’ve all gotten a taste of it here.

The best she has against me is “mean” texts and “mean” blog posts …. like this one will predictably be. She has taken me to court three times, and counting, and all three of those times she has claimed abuse and threatening behavior, and utterly fails to provide any proof of those claims.

Basically, her arguments always boil down to, “He’s a meanie! That proves I’m telling the truth!” And she just hopes judges go along with it.

Okay, I’ve just been having fun so far. Brooke is quite easy to mock. Time to get serious.

Forewarning: This is about to get dark.

What would make my cunt of an ex-wife happy? Would it make her happy if I abandoned our child? Would it make her happy if I was actually a horrible person? Would she consider these things a win? Is she truly that desperate to feed her ego? So desperate that she wants to become a real victim, just to make herself no longer look like a liar?

Well, if Brooke truly wants to be a victim, all she needed to do was pick a different one of my mother’s sons.

I have four brothers, all of them older. One of them I’ve never personally known, but the other two I know are good people, which includes David, who I believe is the best of all our wide-range of siblings. I’ve even told my/our grandma that David “is the best of us.” She then gives a typical response of, “Oh, there’s good and bad in everyone.” But I truly believe David is the best of us.

Unfortunately, there is one brother, but thankfully only one, who is the lowest shit that a person can possibly be. If Brooke really wants to play the victim card, then she picked the wrong brother. The one I’m about to talk about is Christopher.

I only knew Christopher when I was a child. The last time I saw him was when I was either 4 or 5. While I was growing up, the things I heard about him got perpetually worse. At first, I was too little to be told what he had done. I was only told he “touched girls.” Then when I was a bit older, I was told the word “molested.”

I have to admit I suffered from a severe case of denial. Nobody could possibly be this evil, I thought. Certainly not somebody so closely related to me. I’ve never been anything like this, and all the rest of my brothers have never been anything like this. Surely, I thought, people are exaggerating his evil?

I met Christopher’s ex-wife in 2009. I think he’s only been married once. When I met his ex-wife, she actually defended him, which didn’t help my denial. She admitted that Christopher used to regularly beat her, but she still defended him to me. It was through his ex-wife that I started making contact with him again, directly. He already lived over a thousand miles away, but we talked over the phone and over Facebook.

I pleaded with the brother and sister I grew up with, Anthony and Katie, to be willing to let bygones be bygones with Christopher. In hindsight, I’m utterly shocked they even considered it for one second. I called Christopher one afternoon back in 2012, with Anthony and Katie standing next to me, in the hopes of all of us siblings being united. My god was I naive. The phone call quickly went south. In less than thirty seconds, they were screaming at each other. At one point, Christopher said he was glad Anthony and Katie’s bio-father was dead, and he even threatened to shoot them if he came back to our state.

My denial was finally starting to fade. It was starting to click: “This man might truly be evil.”

In 2016, I was shown Christopher’s then-criminal record where the worst thing listed was “unlawful sexual penetration with a foreign object.” Around that time, my cousin contacted me saying that my mother wants to talk to all her children, and she happened to be connected with Christopher on Facebook and invited him into that chat with me. For the first time, I realized what he is and called him out on it directly. To this day, the last thing I ever said to him was calling him a predator and telling him I’m glad we didn’t grow up together.

But I kept hearing worse and worse things about him, still. At some point after 2016, I learned that he pimped children, and was assisted by his girlfriend. Then, in 2018, detectives came to the house I was living in with my wife, Brooke, and I heard that Christopher was accused of the one thing — the one thing — I thought he wouldn’t do: Murder.

It still didn’t end there. I eventually heard that he wasn’t being charged with just one murder, but two. Then, I read a news report that stated Christopher admitted to a cellmate years prior that he knew where two more bodies were buried. He also told that same cellmate that he’s “gotten away with so much in so many states,” or something to that effect.

I still don’t know how to process this. How can anyone be this evil?

Now isn’t that a question I’ve been asking myself my entire life? All my life, I’ve wondered, regarding person after person, “How can this person be this evil?” Christopher and Brooke being the main two.

Well, 2022 proved to be a great year, at least in regards to my scumbag older brother. For a simple burglary case, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison. He was credited for about three years, because he’d been locked up for three years already waiting for these multiple trials. But with this burglary charge, he wouldn’t be a free man until he was 72. That wasn’t comforting enough, at least for me.

But here’s more good news. It’s this very news that inspired me to write this entire post. I got more good news the day before I wrote this post…

For one of his murders, he was sentenced to natural life in prison (meaning he must remain there until he dies, no possibility of parole). The trial for another murder will take place in February.

The little boy I used to be, when I used to know Christopher, would not be able to process that he nor anyone could be that evil. But I’m not a little boy anymore. Now 25 years later, I have ample understanding of the evil human beings are capable of, and thus, I now believe evil must be given no quarter. I believe Christopher’s punishment is not severe enough; he ought to be executed (preferably by being burned alive), or at the very least, put in solitary confinement for the rest of his days, but neither of those things will happen. He’s a serial killer, and not the kind you read about on Wikipedia, but the kind that hunted children. In my mind, a person cannot possibly get worse than that. There is no greater evil.

One of Brooke’s boyfriends, named Zeke, whom I enjoy calling Zekey Boy because it’s fun and because he’ll never be a real man, spent a while obsessively stalking and harassing me online. A typical keyboard warrior who’d go crying to his mother if he ever had to face someone in person that he’d harassed online. Here’s one of Zekey Boy’s comments, where he couldn’t help but give away the fact that Brooke told him about Christopher… (I had never publicly spoken about Christopher before this comment was made.)

I could show more comments, but that’s plenty. One of the things Zekey Boy gave away with his harassing comments, among many, was the fact that he was actually complimenting me without realizing it.

How was he complimenting me? To help explain, I’ll use a hypothetical:

If you came across a rattlesnake, what are you more likely to do? Would you keep your distance? Or, would you instead start rolling up your pant legs, remove your shoes and socks, and then proceed to kick the rattlesnake repeatedly? Everybody knows, just on an instinctual level, exactly what’s going to happen. A lot of pain followed by death. It’s a rattlesnake…

See what I mean now? If Zekey Boy actually believed I was anything remotely similar to Christopher, he’d keep his distance. He wouldn’t try to piss me off. And thus, just by merely trying to piss me off, Zekey Boy was admitting, and publicly acknowledging, that he knows I’m not a bad guy. Little Zekey Boy is just a chihuahua barking behind a fence; it’s adorable when he tries to look tough. In all seriousness, though, Zeke is a contributor to what is wrong with men in today’s society, being simps to narcissistic women.

Just the mere fact that Brooke has told people about Christopher, and that she sees me as being just like him (or pretends to), as evidenced by Zeke’s harassment, proves something very disturbing on her part… It proves that either she doesn’t care about her daughter’s safety, or that she knows deep down she’s a lying sack of shit. Only one of those two possibilities. Why? Because if she truly believed that, she’d make damn-sure I’m never even in proximity to our daughter, regardless what she’s required to do by law, unless she values her own legal standing more than her daughter’s safety. Either that, or she knows she’s full of shit. I believe it’s the latter. She knows she’s a lying manipulator.

Zeke is just one way that Brooke has proven she knows I’m not a bad person. Here’s another…

Brooke has taken me to court three times, so far. Not once has she brought in damning witnesses, such as any of my ex-girlfriends. She knows their names. My first love, Lisa, lives two-thousand miles away now, but all the others still live in the area. Brooke knows their names. What’s her excuse? If I was so dangerous, surely she could easily bring in other women who’ve been with me to make sure I don’t “victimize” another woman, right? Bitches stick together, after all. Yet, Brooke’s only witnesses, across all three of our trials, have only been her own relatives who already decided they don’t like me a long time ago, and nothing they said about me was damning at all.

Brooke’s mother, for example, the closest to a damning testimony she could give was saying that I called one of Brooke’s boyfriends a pedophile. Brooke herself kept saying that on the stand, and when my lawyer asked her to point to even one text message where I said that, Brooke wasted several minutes sifting through our texts and never found even one. She insisted, though, that there were “so many times” I said that.

More gaslighting on her part. More “believe me, don’t believe your own eyes and ears, people!”

Brooke is the only person, in all my life, who has accused me of being a bad person in any way. Even people who don’t like me, and there have been plenty of those, have never compared me to Christopher, or accused me of being a threat to their safety, let alone gone to the state to make such accusations, let alone multiple times.

All three times Brooke has taken me to court, she has never provided police records, hospital records, surveillance footage, personal video or audio footage, text messages, phone call recordings, or eyewitness testimony of me ever being violent or threatening, not just toward her but toward anyone at all. Why? Because none exist.

She thought she had one example. She had one video, recorded by her boyfriend, which she brought to court, but never presented it to the judge. I repeat: She never presented it to the judge. But hell, I’ll show my own video of the same incident. It’ll be obvious why Brooke considered using this against me, but ultimately realized it would be damning to her instead…

Just a father trying to say goodbye to his little girl, only to have a man-child get up in my face to provoke me. The interesting thing is, after I got Cameron to back off, you’ll notice he completely stepped aside, and then I proceeded to do what I was already trying to do: Say goodbye to my daughter. Now, if Brooke was in danger … why the hell would Cameron step aside, for any reason? And you can hear him say, with arrogant certainty, that he’s excited to present that footage to the court. He knew what he was trying to do. It didn’t work.

I have one more note regarding Brooke’s lackeys. Here’s a major example of one of her lackeys proving my character is not what Brooke wants people to believe it to be…

Her aunt, Michelle, was present this most recent time Brooke dragged me to court for the third time. Michelle was the only one of Brooke’s relatives present who did not take the stand. Why not? I have a theory. Now, was already acquainted with the judge, but the odds that anyone in Brooke’s party knew this ahead of time is virtually 0%. Possible, but I doubt it. I strongly doubt Brooke went up to Michelle and said, “This is going to be our judge. Do you personally know her?”

I told Michelle why I think she chose to be present, yet refrained from taking the stand. Here’s the text in which I call her out on the reason:

“The reason is because Shelly knew your testimony would help me instead of Brooke. You would have had to admit that I lived in your home, where I never yelled at Brooke, never hit Brooke, never restricted her freedoms, etc. Even after my one moment of weakness, which only happened because Brooke purposefully provoked me anyway, you offered to let me stay there longer… In a home your children also live in… You all know I’m not a bad guy. Even Brooke knows it. But for some inexplicable reason, you just don’t want to accept that fact.”

The moment of weakness I referred to is the night Brooke left me, where she successfully provoked me and I kicked her chair back by about a half-foot. Still never harmed an inch of her body, nor came close to. Only time in all my life that I lost control of myself … and I still didn’t hurt anybody.

Okay, so maybe Brooke lacks evidence that I’m evil, and maybe my ex-girlfriends wouldn’t waste time pretending to go along with her narrative, but maybe somebody else would back up her claims? Maybe someone like my sister Katie? A woman who grew up with me, who was also the first victim of our brother Christopher?

In all my 3+ decades on this Earth, never once has Katie verbally compared me to Christopher, nor has she ever treated me like she saw similarities between he and I. There was so little of this that I didn’t even notice it until Brooke started desperately telling the world that I’m a bad guy and I started wondering if anybody already believed that.

My sister sent me a text I want to share with the world:

“I’ve never thought of you like him. You are different, and an infinitely better person. Over the years I’ve felt you had a superiority complex, at least over Anthony and I, and I distanced myself because of that. Maybe you didn’t but that’s what it felt like. But I never thought you were evil. Christopher is a special breed of monster, the only thing we share is genetics (we can’t control that) and the 5 year old in me is very happy he will spend the rest of his life rotting for what he’s done to little girls.”

So, that’s Katie herself saying, outright, that she’s never thought I’m anything like Christopher. I look like him, I am his only full-brother, and Katie was Christopher’s first victim at such a young age, and she still never even considered comparing me to him. Katie has known me since I was born.

Maybe there’s someone else, else? Like maybe my adoptive mom, Debbie? Well, you’d have to ignore the fact that Debbie took the stand in my defense the first time Brooke dragged me to court. But even putting that aside, there remains the fact that Debbie also has never acted like she was afraid of me. Just to know for sure, one way or the other, I outright asked her one night if she ever feared me, and she said she’d have to think about it, then she seemed to forget I asked. I strongly believe this proves she never was. Nobody who’s lived in fear of someone else has to “think about it” to remember if they ever felt that way or not. It’s like forgetting you’re afraid of spiders; that’s not a thing.

Maybe there’s someone else, else, else? How about my current place of residence, which is in a house, and the couple who own the house also live there. They required me to pay for a background check on myself before I moved in. They found nothing in my record. Nothing at all. My current landlord could testify that he’s seen, with his own eyes, that I have no problematic record of any kind. No theft, no vandalism, and certainly nothing more serious than that.

Brooke … is just plain wrong. She is morally wrong, and she is factually wrong.

I will throw this narcissist a bone, though. She has made me a worse person, for sure. I miss the times of the past when I wasn’t angry literally every single day. I miss the first 27 years of my life not having any example of “the greatest mistake of my life.” Falling in love with Brooke certainly was my greatest mistake in life. But even the worst things in life can provide some shining lights. Despite what a shit mother she is in my eyes, she still made me a father. Whatever her true intentions for having a child with me, at least she still technically made me a father.

And despite her self-serving attempts to ruin my life, she is the only person who has ever put my true character to the test. Only a test like this could even make me know who and what I really am on the inside. Was there a monster waiting to burst out, or was there a good soul there the whole time like I always hoped?

One thing is true, though. Brooke is afraid of me, but it’s not her safety that she’s worried about, it’s her reputation. She stated as much, outright, in the trial memo (I think it’s called?) for our most recent trial. “This could hurt my reputation” were her words. Yes, speaking true statements, that I can back up with a mountain of evidence, could ruin her reputation.

Only an abuser goes on the offense to stop people from hearing the truth about them…

All three of her legal assaults against me have just basically been Brooke saying, “How dare you tell people things I’ve actually done?!”

By being a colossal piece of shit, Brooke has proven that I am not. She put my character to the test, and I passed. Not only that, but she has shown me that it pays to be a good person. The good guys always win in the end.

Brooke, you are everything you want people to believe I am. A gaslighter, a liar, a self-serving asshole… In all your efforts to hurt me and ruin my life, you have only proven that I’m a good person. Your efforts have left a series of documents, videos, and audio proving that I’m not a bad guy. Evidence that would not have existed were it not for your narcissistic assaults against me. In a system rigged against fathers, you still couldn’t destroy me, even after three attempts. How many people can literally prove, with tangible evidence, that they are a good person? Very few. And for that, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Not only can I prove it to the world, but I can also confirm it for myself. I will always carry a healthy amount of doubt, but nowhere near the amount I used to carry.

Brooke, you always knew I’m not a bad person, and that’s why you resorted to trying to turn me into one. It didn’t work, bitch.

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