Soulless (Pt 2)

I was inspired to write this after having a conversation with an older lady whom I deeply respect.

Before I start, I just have to point something out: Most of the things I say on my blogs about women don’t just come from my own experiences and observations; they also come from older and wiser women I talk to regularly. They know their own sex better than I ever could. They’ve “been there, and done that,” and they appreciate that I am honest with others about the damage women are doing to everyone, including themselves, by trying to replace men in all spheres of life.

That being said, I want to add upon a post I wrote back in December 2020 about the person whom I have to share my child with, because I now have more thoughts to share…

A Sadist

One of the things older women in my life have taught me is: Women are far, far more sadistic than men are.

That should be expected from weak creatures, as women are. Weak people in general need to feel powerful, and feeling powerful often entails sadism – deriving pleasure from the suffering of others.

My ex-wife knows about my blog, and she reads it. It doesn’t stop there. She also has her boy toys read this blog as well. Recently, I’ve gone a while without posting anything, but my views haven’t dropped all that much. It could be loyal fans in my audience, but I think what is far more likely is what I already knew.

My ex-wife keeps tabs on me to collect ammunition for the next time we go to court. What gives her this motivation? Is it simply a need to always win? Well, it’s not only that. She, and her boy toys, also enjoy reading my writings about how my ex-wife has affected me emotionally.

Check out this comment from Zekey Boy, one of her boy toys:

You are such a psychopath LMAO, no wonder your wife left you after you controlled her when she was practically still a child, manipulated her into having your baby, and providing for you because you refused to get a job. What a pathetic excuse for a person. You’re just like your brother. Grow up.

Does this sound like someone who has objectivity and nuance in mind when reading my blog? Or does this sound like someone who visits this blog to see only what they want to see? Now ask yourself how this guy found my blog in the first place. Ask yourself how he “knows” (and I have to use that word loosely here, because this guy reeks of stupidity) so much about our situation.

Obviously, my ex-wife feeds her boy toys what she wants them to see and believe. And beyond any doubt, the primary motivation to consistently read my blog is not just collecting ammunition against me, it is because of pleasure. She likes knowing how she’s affected me. And she surrounds herself with other sadists as well, as weak people do. She wants to make sure I’m not happy.

A Self-Serving Mother

I’m going to list a few things about myself that are undeniable. Things that are undeniable even for people who don’t like me:

  • I fought hard to stay in my daughter’s life as she grew up.
  • My daughter is with me half of every week (not just weekends).
  • When my daughter is with me, she is safe, nourished, and happy.
  • I don’t keep any bad company in my life, especially around my daughter.

Many, many mothers have to push and push their baby daddies to care about their kids at all. Many, many mothers have to beg and cry just to motivate their baby daddies to spend even a little bit of time raising their kids, or especially to work with the mother to raise their kids.

My ex-wife had the opposite situation. She has a baby daddy who is utterly devoted to his child … and she has always seen that as a problem.

This is why I believe my ex-wife deserves, yes deserves, to be hated. The father of her child is more devoted to his child than anything else in the world, and she actually sees that as a bad thing. This is why I say she is a shit mother. The only way a mother, any mother, could be more shitty than that is if they try to murder their kids, or get them killed from constant neglect.

To me, it is absolutely unthinkable that any mother on Earth would see it as a bad thing for a father to be committed.

My ex-wife has never tried to give me advice, she doesn’t ask me questions (about anything), she doesn’t even check up on our daughter when she’s sick or something. And this is my, personal, proof that my ex-wife doesn’t truly love our daughter in the first place. She seems to treat our daughter as an obligation, instead of as the blessing our baby is.

Never forget what her boy toy said to me in January, in how he accused me of “tricking” her into making her a mother. (Yes, dumbass, because even though I myself am adopted, I totally have never heard of adoption before…….) Anyway, that comment alone proves everything I think about my ex-wife. She could still hate me, while also thinking, “But he did give me the greatest blessing I’ve ever had!” Nope, instead, part of her hatred stems from the fact that I made her a mother to begin with, and that I’m committed to the child we made.

What more evidence is required that my ex-wife truly is soulless, and that it’s not just simply my opinion?

I don’t wish this, by the way. I don’t want my ex-wife to be this way, and I especially don’t want to have these opinions about her. But I am a realist. I also wish the God of Christianity were real, but I don’t think God is real, because I’m a realist. Same concept.

I choose to see things for what they are; not how I want to see things. That’s the way I was as a child, and it got my heart broken countless times, until I learned.

I learn from the worst.

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