Israel/Palestine – It’s Really Quite Simple

When we grow up, we learn that life is more complicated than good guys versus bad guys, and we learn that everyone has both good and evil within them. That is true, but it’s not always relevant. There are cases in which two sides of a conflict consist of one that means no harm, and the other absolutely means harm. This is especially true in the case where an entire religion has, in its core doctrine, the requirement that an entire group of people be wiped out from existence.

In the case of Israel and Hamas (the government of Palestine), yes both sides consist of human beings and all human beings have good and evil within them, but that is irrelevant. When there is armed conflict between two sides, and only one side instigated the conflict, all because that side actively and openly desires for the other side to be eradicated simply for existing, then nuance is out of the question.

One side has a dream, the other side has a nightmare. Period.

Israel is not a perfect state, but that is also irrelevant. Israel only targets Hamas military targets. Israel warns Hamas before dropping bombs on them if there was a good chance civilians were at the site. Hamas does not give warning, and more importantly, Hamas strictly targets Israeli civilians. Hamas intentionally launches rockets from civilian sites like schools and hospitals in order to use their own civilians as human shields. Hamas wouldn’t use human shields if Israel had no regard for civilian lives.

If it were up to me, I’d have Israel just outright invade Palestine, remove its government, and temporarily become its government. Would a Jewish state like Israel be respectful of Palestinian customs? I don’t know, but I do know this is the only peaceful solution that is possible, I know Israel has no bloodlust toward its enemies, and I know Israel NEEDS to inhibit Palestine from threatening innocent lives any longer (their own civilians, and Israeli civilians). Look, everything gets messy when two sides of any conflict behave as they do simply because of religious beliefs … but the fact still remains that Israel is the far-more civil side in this decades-long conflict.

Hamas doesn’t want the state of Israel to exist, period. On the other hand, Israel has no desire to destroy Palestine, or at the very least kill innocent Palestinian lives. THAT is what makes this whole thing very simple.

Anyone who doesn’t think this situation is that simple, look up what the Iron Dome is. Ask yourself why this system even exists at all.

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