Facts Matter!

I don’t want to live in a society where feelings are more important than facts. And I will boldly claim: Neither do you. No one does. Because when feelings reign supreme, it’s not even everyone’s feelings that matter (because it’s physically impossible to care about everyone’s feelings equally); no, the only feelings that matter are of those who cry the loudest, threaten the most, and cause the most death and destruction.

That IS the Left right now. They can’t win anything through arguments alone, and they care nothing about facts, and that is why you will see your cities on fire in the near future. This is why I talk about the importance of masculinity, how it’s our most precious asset and that we are rapidly losing it. If the West did not have a masculinity deficit, we wouldn’t be living in fear of crybabies who never know what they’re talking about, who burn down cities when their feefees get hurt.

I just listened to the prosecuting attorney in the George Floyd case, and I listened to him tell lie after lie. I have also seen footage of Maxine Waters blatantly, shamelessly encouraging civil unrest if the Left doesn’t get the conviction they want.

THIS is why Donald Trump got 74 million votes, which is more than Obama ever got. And I’ve spoken with people who voted for Biden who are also sick of all the leftist bullshit. It’s perfectly safe to assume that most people are sick of the dominion that feelings have on our society right now, but most of these people don’t do anything about it because they feel alone and scared.

Look back at this post of mine where I share my thoughts about George Floyd’s death if you don’t believe me when I say: I was also outraged when George Floyd died. I was absolutely certain George Floyd was murdered by Chauvin.

But after looking at the abundant evidence that contradicted my feelings, I changed my mind. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT ADULTS DO! I learned that Floyd had several times the lethal intake of fentanyl. I learned that Floyd said he couldn’t breathe before he was on the ground at all. I learned that the officers, including Chauvin, were actually quite accommodating to Floyd, and the whole reason Floyd was on the ground was because he didn’t want to be put in a spacious, air-conditioned vehicle. I learned that Chauvin was acting as he was trained to by his own police department, which used that restraining method over 200 times the previous year. Most importantly, I learned that Chauvin didn’t even have his leg on Floyd’s neck the entire time Floyd was on the ground. And bonus fact: I saw from Steven Crowder’s demonstration of the exact same scenario, that being pinned like that, even if it were for the entire 9 minutes, would not have killed Floyd alone.

Well, shit. My emotions were amplified, I was certain I would never change my mind about this, and lo and behold, the FACTS changed my mind.

Good people are going to get their homes destroyed in the most-likely event that Chauvin doesn’t get the conviction the Left demands. It’s either going to be no conviction at all, or not a very severe sentence. Not only will good people get their homes destroyed, and their lives threatened, but the rich will then have plenty of worthless property to swoop in and buy when the riots eventually stop, and then the super-rich will have even more property at their disposal that should have kept belonging to ordinary, hard-working citizens.

Fuck the Left. This is why I abandoned that entire side. It’s feelings, feelings, feelings, with no regard for facts, and this is how everything looks when we listen to them.

Most of these rioters would never come close to behaving like this if they had fathers who didn’t put up with such horse shit while they were growing up.